FunFair New FUN Token Contract

Dear FunFair Community

As you might be aware there were some minor tweaks being made to the FunFair token contract.

The changes are going live right now as we speak (10am Pacific time)

The old token contract will no longer be operational, and no token transfers will work using it any longer.

The new FUN token contract address :  0x419D0d8BdD9aF5e606Ae2232ed285Aff190E711b

All balances of every address will contain exactly the same number
of FUN tokens of the new contract that were contained in the old FUN

Bittrex is making this change as we speak so trading should be able
to continue.  We’re contacting EtherDelta so they can make the change
but in the meantime, you can use the new token contract address

Trading on the old FUN contract will terminate at 6pm UK time, 10am
Pacific time.   Trading on the new contract will be restarted 5 minutes

Have FUN!