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Fund Yourself Now is built on the confusion of many people about crowd funding. Many people are still unsure of crowd funding sites as some may potentially commit fraud. site is a new site. This new site was launched in February 2017 and will begin selling its money in June 2017.

Is this a trustworthy site?

In the world of crowd funding, trust is relative. For most people, investment activity through crowd funding may be avoided. Many people still use buildings and meet face-to-face as their underlying belief. This is very understandable considering when we can directly meet and come to certain corporate offices then automatically we will feel more secure.

Digital currency is a new thing in human life, something that many people may not understand or something that may not be useful. This can be seen from not many people using the currency or participating in this. But for those of you who are interested to be directly involved in this digital investment, the Fund Yourself Now may be one alternative for you to participate or just looking for some important information about this type of investment.

This site focuses on one main thing that is how to give profit to its investors. The crypto currency the site uses is Ether; The digital currency created by the Ethereum Company. Just like any other site, this site will ask for your participation through investment, and then party will convert your investment into Ether currency in June. Such a thing is commonly done on the type of investment of cryptocurrency, crowd funding, and block chain.

Is it worth?

“Maybe” is the answer that can be given for this type of investment. One thing for sure is that you cannot use digital money in your daily life (at least for now like that). A few moments ago one of the digital currencies campaigned the use of their coin in real life. They work with places like shopping malls, cafes, or other frequented places. At that time, digital money owners could exchange their coins with groceries, food, or service at a place cooperating with one of the digital money companies. It was booming, but did not last long and then disappeared.

You may do something with your money, even for this new kind of investment. You have to learn a lot and collect a lot of information about this before you decide to get involved directly in this investment. Fund Yourself Now may be a good place for you to learn and get information about digital money. This site also seems good for those of you who want to invest in the field of crowd funding.

Official webpage: http://www.fundyourselfnow.comFacebook: Download

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