MobileGo GAME Discounts Announced
Since its announcement three weeks ago, MobileGo has been receiving a tremendous amount of support. MobileGo recently announced its early investor discount schedule and extra discounts for investing with Gamecredits. The schedule is as follows:

Week #1

15% discount all currencies

+7% additional discount when using GAME

Week #2

10% discount all currencies

+7% additional discount when using GAME


Week #3

5% discount all currencies

+7% additional discount when using GAME


Week #4

0% discount all currencies

+10% additional discount when using GAME


We expect the demand for Gamecredits to increase as we get closer to the MobileGo crowdsale.

We continue to secure more deals with more credit card providers. Soon you will see Latin American payment options as well as credit card processing from various parts of the world. Our goal is to secure as many payment options as possible, so users from every region of the world can purchase GAME.

To access these payment methods, please visit our web wallet.


GameCredits Online Wallet
Web Wallet Migration

For past week we have been in the process of migrating users from our old web wallet, to our new web wallet, .


If you have an account on the old web wallet you can still access the wallet as normal, and transfer funds to any Gamecredits address (exchange address, new web wallet address, desktop wallet, etc).


Users who have two-factor authentication enabled on the old web wallet will have a more challenging time migrating AFTER the old web wallet is taken down. However, it will still be possible. With that said, we recommend taking the time to move your funds as soon as possible.


To make the process even easier. We have added a migration tool in our new web wallet. After the old web wallet is taken down, users will still be able to create an account on the new web wallet, and use our migration tool to access their old account.


If you have any issues with migration, please contact us via email or on our slack channel.

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acebook Live and Twitter Live

On March 27th 1:00 PM PST Sergey Sholom, VP of Business Development at Gamecredits and CEO of Datcroft Games, will host a 1 hour livestream (until 2PM PST). During the live stream Sergey will answer community questions about the Gamecredits Mobile Store and the future of Gamecredits Inc.


This livestream will be hosted on both our Facebook page and our Twitter page. Please feel free to view from whichever platform you prefer.


Gamecredits Facebook:

Gamecredits Twitter:


Sergey will answer as many questions as he can during the livestream. If you would like to have a question answered by Sergey, please email [email protected] with the subject ‘Interview with Sergey’. We will try and pick the most diverse group of questions possible. If your question does not get answered, join us on Slack and we’ll answer it there!


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