GazeCoin ventures into R&D of designer ‘AR’ Glasses

GazeCoin has entered into an R&D deal with Graz Eyewear to begin developing designer AR glasses as a proof of concept showing how GazeCoin monetises AR interactions in the real world.

People have been wondering for a while what the killer app for VR is going to be — it’s AR! A part of the GazeCoin mantra moving forward is to clearly demonstrate this by building applications that people can feel and touch.

The GazeCoin blockchain monetises interactions with real world objects including products, shop fronts, billboards and even people through augmented reality. GazeCoin’s platform to date has included a proof of concept showing how GazeCoin payments are generated through virtual reality. The next step in the development road map is to produce an API that can be plugged into any AR generated content.

“We refer to AR as the ‘digital story cloud’ that is triggered when consumers interact with objects using a mobile device. It’s as simple as a digital overlay that contains a message or content that makes you want to know more about the product. Pretty soon our children will not interact with products or even people that don’t have this extra story layer attached” says Jonny Peters CEO and Founder of GazeCoin.

GazeCoin is a firm believer the ultimate accessory for the future is wearable designer AR glasses, not just glasses that work but glasses that make a fashion statement. But how exactly this works can only be discovered through an R&D phase where they are built, roadtested and traverse the journey from the tech world to the fashion world. Doing this with eyewear designers that have a proven success in the fashion world like Graz eyewear:

Graz is a world renowned creative with a mastery in Eyewear design. He has worked around the globe with brands such as Ellery, Tsubi,, Oliver Peoples and his own namesake brand Graz Studio. His designs have been sold in every store worth mentioning and has a cult like celebrity following for his work.

“I’m super excited to see the future, and be a part of creating that with GazeCoin to create a new reality for people and companies” says Graz.

AR glasses take this interaction to a whole new level, as literally everything you look at, could earn that reward. The way that people use AR glasses will be different to the use of smart phones. It makes the real world a game world that is overlayed where you choose which ‘channel’ you want to exist inside; hyper reality! It brings immersion to the real world in a manner where one can still interact with what is happening in base reality — that then brings into question which layer is real!

The GazeCoin blockchain allows any product, brand, venue or person to join a decentralised AR / VR network by simply logging in using a digital ID. This allows them to use GazeCoins to mint their own branded tokens. They are then made available to consumers to earn by simply interacting — initially with their smart phones . The longer they interact the more they earn.

GazeCoin expects to release trials within 2018 where the development tools created to support it will be open sourced and available to be used by any AR developer. GazeCoin have been developing an AR game and movie called ‘Hologram’ about a pair of AR glasses that people use to access an AR dating ‘channel’ where they collect and go on dates with holograms.

ABOUT Graz Studio

Graz Mulcahy is a Creative Director working in Design, Music, Image and Film in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Since 2001 Graz has pioneered the eyewear industry creating designs that are seen as the classics of our time. He founded AM eyewear and then moved on to birth Tsubi eyewear and lead as design chief until moving onto work with Oliver Peoples, Ellery, ill.i and his namesake brand, Graz.


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