It’s finally time! The Gnosis token sale is beginning tomorrow, April 24th, at 1pm EST.

Generally speaking, participation in the sale involves sending Ether to the token sale contract, and then receiving GNO tokens back within one week of sale conclusion.

Here are guides for several participation options:

Gnosis LightWallet (Default recommended option, can be funded with any Ether source including Shapeshift)

Kraken (Participate directly from Kraken and have tokens credited to your account)

MyEtherWallet (Light wallet commonly used for other token sales)

Ethereum-Wallet / Mist (Full node Ethereum wallet maintained by the Ethereum Foundation)

Parity (Alternative full node wallet with technical features)

imToken (中文, Mobile wallet targeting the Chinese market)

Auction Mechanism:

Basic details of the token auction can be found here.

We are also available on Slack for additional questions.

We’re looking forward to taking the next leap in the Gnosis project tomorrow!


The Gnosis Team

IMPORTANT INFORMATION    GNO tokens are functional utility tokens within the Gnosis platform. GNO tokens are not securities. GNO tokens are non-refundable. GNO tokens are not for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to GNO, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that GNO will hold any particular value. GNO tokens are not participation in the Company and GNO tokens hold no rights in said company. GNO tokens are sold as a functional good and all proceeds received by Company may be spent freely by Company absent any conditions. GNO tokens are intended for experts in dealing with cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems.