New Video shows Humaniq user’s journey to success

What’s it like to live in a rundown building with few prospects and little hope for the future? What if a company introduced a service that empowered you to build something from nothing, that gave you the spark that ignited the fires of motivation in you? In a new video released on March 21st, Humaniq takes viewers on a journey from start to finish of what their customers can achieve by using their new blockchain powered financial services app. Humaniq wants everyone to be able to dream big. Are you ready to be empowered?

Humaniq journeyed to South Africa to film a new video about the customer journey that founder Alex Fork envisions for users of the blockchain financial services app. In this video you’ll meet Allen, a father and family man in Johannesburg. His brother gives him the gift of a smartphone and shows him how to use the Humaniq mobile application. Empowered by the P2P lending and other financial services available, Allen turns an idea into a business, and the business into a successful ice cream store with his own retail location.