Hut34 - Data is the New Oil, Developers are the prospectors

G’day Hutters!

As our Entropy Token sale continues, and as we work to finalise a number of exciting and important partnerships in the background, this post will share some further news about the progress and development of the Hut34 Platform in both the short and mid term.

Data is the New Oil, Developers are the prospectors

A key metric for the success of the Hut34 network is the number of engaged developers. In the short term, we feel this is likely best measured by active bot developers engaging with the platform — at this stage just learning about the concepts, and further down the line bringing their existing bots, and developing new bots to add value to the network, and earn Entropy Tokens (ENT) in return.

Outreach to key partners continues, and so far the feedback is outstanding. Here are the two key questions we’ve been asking dev.s;

Are you a developer of a chatbot or data service?Do you like money?

Unsurprisingly, we’re getting positive responses!

The Hut34 Network will be the world’s first open interbot network, which will allow developers of bots, and providers of data to quickly and easily monetise their services, and the developer communities out there have a huge amount to gain from our joint success. It’s these economic incentives which really act as the rocket fuel for the growth of the network.

Right now, we have approximately 30 devs who have applied to road test the platform, and we’re continuing to reach out to organisations and groups who we feel would be a good fit to work with Hut34 — we feel this is an excellent start!

Our token sale runs for a few more weeks, with the price rising each week from here on. As ever, join our telegram group for live chat with the community and team, and visit the website for full details on all aspects of the Hut

Onwards and Hutwards!

The Hut34 Team