Hut34 Entropy Token (ENTRP) Issuance

G’day Hutters!

Just a follow up on the recent Entropy Token issuance.

The final token distribution occurred on 22nd December, and if you supplied a valid Ethereum address you should have now received your ENTRP tokens at your address.

The quickest way to check your status of your tokens is to go to and enter your contract address, then select the “Token Transfers” tab — you should see your tokens labelled Erc20 (ENTRP)

Viewing in MEW

We have had queries from some supporters concerned they have not ‘received’ their tokens, because they cannot “see them in their wallet”.

It’s important to understand that tokens may have been successfully delivered to your address, and recorded on the blockchain, but in order to view them in your wallet you need to add them as a “custom token” using the following details.

Contract Address: 0x5BC7e5f0Ab8b2E10D2D0a3F21739FCe62459aeF3 Symbol: ENTRP Decimals: 18

ENTRP Ticker Symbol

Finally, some may note the new Entropy Token ticker being ENTRP. This is now the “official” ticker, superseding any previously issued tokens under the ticker ENT (these defunct tokens can safely be removed from your wallet ). This medium post provides more details as to the move to the new token address and ticker.

*Our team strongly discourage any transfers of the defunct ENT token. We also suggest that you do not trade this token on websites such as etherdelta, as the token traded will not be integrated into the Hut34 Platform or Network, and will not form part of our project.

Our team are taking a well deserved break over the Christmas and new year and preparing for 2018. Get ready for a big year!!

Onwards and Hutwards!

The Hut34 Team.