Hut34 — powering up networks big and small Metcalfe shows us the value of connections within a network. The Hut continues to connect networks and devices. Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

Our vision is a world where a network of specialised AI agents are able to communicate, pull data from any number of live sources, mine historic data, sift search and synthesise this information, and through their collective power, create a global super-intelligence.

It’s not a small idea, and it’s not an easy target. In fact, it’s one hell of a challenge, but we believe that ultimately a decentralised trustless network where agents such as AIs, bots, and even people, are connected, and data is routed, resolved and monetised is going to change the world. The Hut34 Project is our contribution to this goal.

In the interim, of course, we’re building a multi-faceted network and AI in a space dominated by the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The thought of a small Australian start up competing with the largest companies ever to exist may seem daunting. We take another view however; that we won’t compete. We don’t need to.

Open protocols first allowed the creation of the internet, and now open protocols provide the answer as to how to harness the power of the incredible technologies developed by enourmous companies, without being swallowed up by them. We leave them to compete with each other, whilst we simply use their tools to make the Hut Network stronger, and greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s how we’ve been furthering this goal recently;

Over the last month we have been actively connecting services to The Hut34 Platform. Each new connection enriches our network and is a step towards building our vision of a network of AI agents and IoT devices monetising their interactions across a number of platforms.

Our most recent connection is that of our in-house AI agent Elwood to Google Assistant.

“Hey Elwood” — making it easy to talk to The Hut

For us this is more than just a gimmick. We don’t just want to say that we’ve connected our agent Elwood to Google, we want to tell you we’ve connected Google to our network.

By deploying Elwood through this commonly available consumer channel, we leverage the portability and powerful speech-to-text capabilities of Google and allow users to interact with, and draw on the knowledge base of our own Elwood.

This is great as it brings our agent to a broader audience. But what is more exciting is that users connected to Elwood are also connected to the Hut34 network, and by extension every other service connected to the Hut. This connection will allow Google users to tap into the power of the collective network of Hut34, and they can do this through their phone, google home, or other connected google device.

In a sense we will extend the capability of google, just as they enhance us. Our vision sees this network effect extend into other platforms where we are able to build synergies with other services that benifit everyone.

So, while Elwood may have started his life as an expert on Hut34 and all things Entropy, he now has increased capabilities through integration with the Hut34. Then through the deployment of Elwood to Google Assistant, the entire Google user base can interact with not only Elwood but the entire Hut34 Network.

Have a look at an example conversation below, and follow this medium feed for updates as we roll out further connections, and additional functionlaity. This connection is currently in Alpha but we’ll let you know as soon as its available.

Google Assistant users accessing Elwood; and Elwood locating the ISS via the Hut34 Network