Hello, supporters!

Thank you again for your support and contribution for our 1st stage of pre-TGE. Team weBloc is concentrating on developing weCon, our 1st service, to create the healthy digital marketing ecosystem with the blockchain technology.

In addition, Team weBloc has discussed our next steps including our 2nd stage of pre-TGE. Unfortunately, the cryptomarket situation has been getting worse since mid-November. In hence, deciding the schedule of the 2nd stage of pre-TGE is somewhat difficult for us. We are considering the situation of a sharp drop in prices, the effects on the participants of our 1st pre-TGE, etc.

We gathered our opinions to have the 2nd stage pre-TGE when the price of ICX would be about $0.35~$0.4. If the price would not reach to the point until mid-January of 2019, we decided to concentrate our resources on developing services and creating a new ecosystem.

Team weBloc really appreciates your support. With you, we can try our best to overcome this difficult market situation.

Best regard,

Team weBloc.