iExec Dev Letter #20: V2 Release, Worker Pools, SDK V2, Tutorials for Developers

The first-ever decentralized marketplace for trading cloud power is here! After much hard work over the past few months, the team is proud to announce that the iExec V2 is now live. Thank you everyone for your support!

In today’s update, we cover how to use this marketplace with video tutorials, how are workers organized and managed, and how developers can use the iExec SDK V2. We also go over the recent partnerships secured by iExec, and share some photos from Blockshow Europe in Berlin.

iExec Releases the First-Ever Blockchain Marketplace for Trading Cloud Power The V2 Press Release

iExec has released its blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for trading cloud power. For the first time ever, it is now possible to buy and sell computing power on a dedicated market just like any other commodity.

Four cloud providers, TFCloud, Stimergy, Cloud&Heat and Nerdalize have already announced their participation in this network. For application developers, this is a unique opportunity to access affordable, secure and scalable computing power on-demand.

Each transaction between buyers and sellers is securely audited and certified by the Proof-of-Contribution algorithm, which verifies each and every off-chain computation executed.

The Official Video Presentation of the iExec Marketplace (Including a Demo) Photos from Blockshow Europe 2018, Berlin

Blockshow Europe 2018 marked the official launch of the iExec Marketplace, introducing a new paradigm for trading cloud power. CEO Gilles Fedak displayed a 3D rendering demo of the marketplace, demonstrating how computing resources can now be traded as a commodity.

An Organization in Worker Pools

Workers are the cloud providers in charge of executing the works submitted by users. Similarly to blockchain miners, workers share their resources and get rewarded in RLC. These workers can be public or private, and are organized in worker pools. For each one of these, a scheduler manages the work distribution.

The list of worker pools available: V2 Documentation and Tutorials

The iExec SDK is a CLI and a JS library that allows developers to interact with the iExec decentralized marketplace, in order to run off-chain computations.

Github SDK:

We’ve also made a Youtube playlist with video tutorials showing step by step how to initialize a project, deploy a decentralized application, and run works from the marketplace.

SDK V2: How to initialize an iExec projectSDK V2: How to deploy a dapp and monetize it using iExecSDK V2: How to buy and run a work using iExec’s marketplace iExec’s Recent Partnerships: TFCloud and Nerdalize

TFCloud becomes the first Chinese worker of the iExec marketplace. With clients such as Tsinghua University, China Telecom, Bank of Shanghai, China Citi Bank or Henfeng Bank, TFCloud is a major and established cloud provider in China.

TFCloud Joins iExec as the First Chinese Worker Pool

iExec and Nerdalize have also signed a partnership agreement that will make blockchain applications heat homes in the Netherlands.

iExec and Nerdalize: Blockchain Applications Now Heating Homes in the Netherlands Our partners Flixxo tweeting about our recent collaboration with RSK iExec Summit and Party 2018

Mark your calendars! 📅 iExec will be present at Devcon4 this year in Prague. We will leverage the presence of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and developers to organize an event of our own.

On November 2nd, from afternoon to evening, you will be able to attend workshops and a wide variety of talks. Team members as well as partners, whether they are workers, application developers or industry collaborators will take stage to share their experience and reveal their future plans.

Everyone is invited to join us afterwards to a very special party!

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