Monetization of IMMLA services occurs on the last step of each event of successful delivery in form of fee and instantly Ьу raising demand of tokens.What payment goes for what service

з On that step IMMLA receives fee of l %, which goes on the redemption and burning of tokens.


Our revenue aims are driven Ьу both new modules development (l) and expansion strategy (2).

1. The development plan includes the phased development and implementation of modules in

the service. IMMLA will Ье gradually connected to the "forwarding", "air", "railway", "sea-cargo",
"custom", and "warehouse" modules.
- Firstly, is 20l 8 auto and sea-cargo modules will Ье launched because they represent best fit
of high demand for multimodal contracting and low implementation complexity.
- ln 20l 9 the company plans to expand the range of services provided and to introduce the
possiЬility of organizing air transportation and customs services.
- ln 2020, forwarding and warehouse modules will Ье implemented.
- ln 202l, IMMLA Railway module will Ье added.

2. Regional expansion strategy

- ln 20l 8, IMMLA service will Ье launched on the Russian trucking and sea container market.
- ln 20l 9-2020 the service will expand to the CIS countries.
- ln 202l the service will expand to markets of Europe, and China.
- Ву 2022 it is planned that IMMLA will spread the same way to the Asian region.
- After 2023 it is planned to use the service worldwide.

The first aim is to launch application and make Ml $ of revenue Ьу the end of 20l 8.

The second aim is to localise in CIS, enhance application with air and custom modules and make
Ml 0$ of revenue Ьу the end of 20l 9.

The third aim is to localise in Europe and China, add warehouse and forwarding modules
application and make М25$ of revenue Ьу the end of 2020.The fourth and fifth aim is to make М50$ and Ml 00$ in 202l and 2022 respectively Ьу adding
railway module, which is heavy to get into, but promising to share turnover of which.