InsurePal - ooperation is the key: Slovenian government & blockchain companies will work together

This was a great day for blockchain community. We have agreed that stepping together and educate the public on the benefits and opportunities that the innovative technology brings is an essential step. As pointed out, an open dialogue between government and blockchain entrepreneurs is necessary to clarify these challenges we face.

We have called for regulation that would assist blockchain projects with existing financial limitations and allow us easier recruitment processes, and the government has agreed that it will provide us with more favorable conditions in due time. We believe this kind of public discussions will pave the way for more high-profile projects and enable Slovenia to become one of the most advanced countries in the field of blockchain.

All participating startups have also announced the establishment of Blockchain Alliance CEE with the intention of unified communication, greater visibility, transparency and raising industry reputation. We`re proud that InsurePal is actively present in the shaping and forming of public opinion and will continue to strive for the common goal of reaching more favorable conditions for projects, harnessing the power of blockchain.