[IoP] Fermat’s First DAO Begins Its Own Journey

Three years after its founding, the Fermat project has given birth to its first crypto-community: the IoP Community. From the broader Fermat community, a new community has been born, full of enthusiastic people willing to build a piece of Fermat’s vision of The Internet of People.

Various developers, entrepreneurs, and local chapters recently celebrated their independence from the Fermat project, and they are now responsible for independently running part of the infrastructure created by Fermat: the IoP blockchain, governance apps, location-based network and content addressable network.

The IoP Consortium — an institution that already has several members, managed by Daniel Csendes — and the wider IoP Community will receive a total of 300K IoP tokens from original founder Luis Molina to finance core development, community building, research, and entrepreneurship.

As part of its independence, the IoP Community has agreed to be true to Fermat’s vision. Both groups agree to coexist peacefully as two independent projects pursuing some overlapping goals. This peaceful coexistence includes removing toxic material from the public or semi-public domain. Both communities also agree to refrain from any action that can directly affect the robustness of the IoP token, including but not limited to burning tokens or altering the blockchain balances. It was also agreed that everyone can freely trade their tokens, and no IoP whale would dump tokens in the market or try to manipulate it in any way. To preserve the independence of the IoP Community, Fermat founder Luis Molina will not participate in the decisions of the IoP Community or interact with their voting system in any way. If necessary, we are happy to pause Contribution Contracts apps until the IoP Community redesigns its features to implement their updated governance model.

As soon as we receive their IoP addresses, the initial 166K IoP tokens offered by founder Luis Molina in this post will be transferred to the IoP Community members listed in our previous announcement. The remaining 144K IoP tokens will be put into an escrow multisig account requiring the signature of two respected members of each community, accepted by both groups, to unlock the funds over an agreed period.

As stated in our previous announcement, the Fermat project sees this split as a positive outcome. Fermat wishes the IoP Community both luck and success.

Thanks to Rich McDowell and others for the editing.

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Luis Fernando Molina

Inventor of the #InternetOfPeople, Founder of Fermat: A connected but decentralized human species. ~ We know the future because we are building it. ~