Janus (JNS) August profit share

A total of 21 058,19 NXT will be distributed among 396 accounts which own a total of 21,058,198 shares.

0.001 NXT per Janus owned.

Transaction 10247192402062977665


NOTE:If you are using Nxt client just click Account ledger,  and you will get all transactions , including "Dividend Payment".

Just click

and you will see something like this :

Sidenote :   The mynxt
wallet doesn't show the amount of dividends deposit transaction, you
will need to check your wallet balance.  Still,  the transaction log

file will be something like this:
Transaction History
Date   Tag   Details   Amount
04 Aug 2017   - No tag -   Transferred asset    0 NXT

Users of stocks.exchange will receive dividends without the necessity of moving funds from the exchange.