Komodo [KMD] - BarterDEX 0.8.3 Release Candidate

This release candidate build of BarterDEX includes many improvements in both backend and frontend.

Multi-Language supportNew and improved marketmaker codebase which includes 2.777x network efficiency. Means faster network and more scalable Decentralised Exchange network capacity, capable of supporting 100s or 1000s of trades before running into issues. This release makes it ready for any new heavy network load to BarterDEX.many small bug fixes in GUI. Help and Troubleshooting



NOTE: Those users who are waiting for easy version of BarterDEX should wait for AtomicDEX release, which is separate GUI specially designed by keeping the regular users in mind. It'll be communicated on all channels when it will be released.
SHA256 of release files: 25513822316905db7f59b5e0728db204c41df3889e04a44d64fd9a9e93049d26 BarterDEX-darwin-x64-0.8.3-rc.zip 616cfd757c9801f97aca6a2e614d514b04dae350a73111ea8cb89e51926ae7c6 BarterDEX-linux-x64-0.8.3-rc.tar.gz e1e142cd8a9232b143efaca85dc41a82b53aa2cdf059d2f9d80e0f43de81a43d BarterDEX-win64-x64-0.8.3-rc.zip Virus check results of released binary files: MacOS - BarterDEX-darwin-x64-0.8.3-rc.zipLinux - BarterDEX-linux-x64-0.8.3-rc.tar.gzWindows - BarterDEX-win64-x64-0.8.3-rc.zip