Introducing lightcurve to the Lisk community!

Since January 2017 the lightcurve GmbH is in a contractual collaboration with the Lisk Foundation,
founded by Oliver Beddows and myself. Today, I want to introduce our
company to the Lisk Community and explain how heavily Lisk will benefit
from it.

Responsibilities of lightcurve

A blockchain strategy consultancy, development studio and marketing agency in one, that is lightcurve! We are supporting the Lisk ecosystem in many ways; for once with strategy sessions discussing how to proceed with the platform and how to grow the community economically. With heavily tested code we are advancing the various products overseen by the Lisk Foundation. By attending conferences, giving presentations about Lisk and organising meetups we are increasing the visibility of the Lisk platform within the blockchain industry and beyond. Another big focus is to answer all kinds of support queries from the community which come through on the Lisk Support Center.

Core principles of lightcurve

Based in Berlin we are crafting high quality strategies and code made in Germany, with a special focus on reliability, efficiency and security. The longevity of our products is of utmost importance for us, we live and breath this dictum everyday with our contributions to the Lisk codebases.

Our office and team

Currently, we are sitting at WeWork Sony Center, the most iconic business district in Berlin. However, this space becomes too small for us. Therefore, we are making preparations to move to our own office space in which we can scale up quickly and easily.

Our team currently consists of nine members, we are expecting further additions soon, especially within the development and marketing departments.

Hardworking developers in the lightcurve HQ! Making lightcurve part of the Lisk Community

Not only to contribute to the Lisk ecosystem but also to see and feel the community needs, we are continuously making advancements to lightcurve’s transparency and its position within the Lisk Community.

Three important steps were done today; by officially adding lightcurve to Lisk’s contributors list on its website, launching the lightcurve website and introducing lightcurve to the Lisk Community with this blog post.

In the next days and weeks further steps will be taken, some we want to announce now. First, we are sponsoring a blockchain meetup in Berlin in which we will discuss Lisk’s advancements of the past month right at the start of every event. Second, we are registering and setting up our own delegate on the Lisk network. All delegate rewards will be evenly split between all lightcurve employees and freelancers with no active delegate spot. It’s up to the community if enough votes are gathered to get into the top 101, Oliver and I will vote with our private LSK exclusively for the lightcurve delegate.

The first Blockchain Meetup organised by lightcurve. Situation between Lisk Foundation and lightcurve GmbH

I think it’s very important to explain the constellation between the Lisk Foundation and the lightcurve GmbH. As both companies have the same founders, it’s in our best interest to explain transparently why we decided for that setup.

The Lisk Foundation is overseeing and managing the Lisk project in a non-profit way as we believe this is the right path for such a stellar protocol. Even though the non-profit structure is a huge benefit for the philosophy and values behind the project, we believe it’s not the best case for an actual business with rapid development cycles and quick decision makings. Therefore, the foundation decided to outsource different kind of activities — like programming, design, marketing, PR, or liquidation of funds — while coordinating the progress made.

As the founders of the Lisk project we want to keep the original spirit while also be responsible for the development and community. Therefore, we founded lightcurve to do exactly that. It doesn’t mean that the Lisk Foundation won’t cooperate with other third party development studios in the future or collaborate with other contractors, e.g. a marketing agency.

We hope that our blog post clarifies our intentions and the direction we are going with the Lisk Foundation and with the lightcurve GmbH.

From Max and Oliver.

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