Lisk release V 0.6.0


Lisk 0.6.0 — A major uplift  Since Lisk’s inception we have always had security and stability in mind. With the 0.6.0 release, we continue with this tradition. One major change of note is with NodeJS, the backbone of Lisk, which has been running on Node 0.12.x since release. While this has served us very well to date, it’s time for change as this branch is now discontinued and no longer receiving critical updates. Going forward Lisk will be built and run upon the Node 6.9.x release tree. The release of 0.6.0 marks this major upgrade of the core software, moving from NodeJS v0.12.18 to v6.9.4.Why Node 6 instead of Node 7? We chose to go with Node 6 over Node 7 for a few reasons. Very simply, Node 6 is deemed the Long Term Support release, while Node 7 is considered cutting edge. While having the fantastic features that Node 7 offers, we prefer to have stability, security and long term support. The second reason is that Node 6 will provide us years of value until the next official LTS release occurs. If you want to know more about NodeJS LTS releases, please visit the official NodeJS LTS Schedule. Discontinuation of support for FreeBSD and ARM architectures. With a heavy heart we must announce the discontinuation of support for ARM and FreeBSD distributions. ARM is plagued by many issues when it comes to compiling NodeJS 6, the same goes for FreeBSD and the compilers used on that system. While we would really like to continue supporting FreeBSD and the ARM architecture, it’s just not feasible with the size of our team. A brief survey of peers also indicates that these efforts are not well placed. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue these platforms. In the future we plan to revisit these platforms and support them again, but for the time being we will focus our efforts on the following platforms: Linux 32bit, Linux x86_64 and Darwin. Other changes. In this release there have been many fantastic changes to Lisk Core and Lisk UI. For Lisk UI, we have removed the Application directory as mentioned in the blog post about the SDK. Additionally, we have added some well sought after features to the forging section of the web wallet. Now you can see your forged totals for some common time periods, and even search for delegates inside of the client to make voting much easier!On the back end, we have made huge improvements to our Continuous Integration processes. While these may not be visible as features of the code, these changes serve a vital role in confirming that the code works as expected after every pull request. If you are interested to see our CI tests, or just want to know more, you can visit theLisk project on Travis CI to see them in action. Finally, we have made a significant amount of bug fixes to the code base. A complete list of changes can be seen in the release log on GitHub. If you have any questions about these changes feel free to reach out to us. Summary The 0.6.0 release has been a long time coming and we are proud to make it generally available. As part of our Agile processes we plan to release on a more regular basis as we finish up our development sprints. If you want to get involved with our release process, feel free to reach out on and we will discuss adding you to our Alpha Testing group. From the Lisk HQ, The Lisk Development Team. About the Author Isabella Dell is System Architect for LiskHQ and played a pivotal role in the development process since the launch of Lisk’s Mainnet.