The Lisk Community Survey Results Are In!

Earlier this month, Lisk Community Manager Mat distributed a comprehensive survey to our community members in an effort to get better insight into their behaviors, attitudes and values. We plan to use this information to better address the needs of our community. We received an overwhelming response from 712 participants and are excited to share the findings.

Firstly, we were interested in learning about the age range of our survey participants. As it turns out, half of them are between the ages of 25 and 34. The next largest group (20%) includes individuals between the ages of 18 and 24, while 18.3% of the participants are between the ages of 35 and 44.

Although the majority of these individuals speak English (84.6%), German, Polish and Dutch are the other most prominently spoken languages. However, dozens of other languages are spoken by the participants.

We also know that Lisk community members live in all corners of the world, including Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, India and Scandinavia. But this survey indicated that a large portion of community members are located in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and the US.

The majority of our community members own over 1,500 LSK tokens (27%). More than 20% of our community own between 501 to 1,500 LSK, about 20% own 151 to 500 LSK, 14.2% own between 51 and 150 LSK, 12.1% between 11 and 50 LSK. Only 4.9% of the participants own under 10 LSK. A whopping 69.4% of the participants store these tokens in the Lisk Nano wallet. We always recommend storing LSK tokens this way.

The majority of the participants first learned about blockchain technology the year Lisk launched — 2016. However, a fair number of them learned about blockchain as far back as 2010. Most of the participants learned about Lisk last year, but a great deal learned about Lisk in 2016.

Regarding the most preferred social media channel for Lisk news and updates, it’s a tie between Reddit and Twitter.

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper. What do our community members want to see us do this year?

We learned that most people want to see Lisk Blog posts every week. We’re happy to say we are already achieving this — however, the frequency of blog posts will increase, as big plans are in store for the Lisk Blog. Following the rebrand on February 20, the blog will feature much more varied content, including in-depth and technical interviews with team members, community members and blockchain experts. We will also feature articles by guest bloggers who are passionate about Lisk, blockchain and JavaScript.

Our community also wants Lisk to be more active on Telegram, Discord and Steemit. This is something we’ve immediately addressed. We went live on all three of these channels this week. The official Lisk Telegram and Lisk Discord channels already have 1,200 members and 1,000 members, respectively, and those numbers are rapidly growing.

The survey participants have also asked us to reach out to the developer community more in order to ensure that JavaScript developers know about Lisk and its potential. Lisk has been very active on this front. We are conducting more interviews than ever before with JavaScript-focused publications and media outlets. In fact, Lisk Full Stack Developer Will was interviewed by JAXenter earlier this month. In addition, Lisk has plans to attend a number of JavaScript conferences this year. We will also be present at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York this May. We’ve reserved two booths and look forward to seeing many of our community members there.

At Lisk, we aim to make blockchain technology accessible and understandable for everyone. To address this, we created the Lisk Academy. The Lisk team is hard at work creating this incredible educational resource. The Lisk Academy will debut on the new Lisk website on February 20. To those survey participants who have requested this, your wishes have been granted. Several community members have also requested for the Lisk website to be available in different languages. This is something we will address, as we are looking to grow non-English speaking markets this year.

One participant requested that we build a Lisk Science Team. We have already hired the first member of the Lisk Science Team — Cryptographer Iker. Growing this team is a priority and we intend to hire many individuals this year.

In addition, we plan to conduct Community Update videos where developers and members from the Lisk Marketing Team will discuss the progress of our products and initiatives. We will also answer questions from our community members in these videos. Community engagement is a priority to us at Lisk, which is why we recently added Community Managers Jan and Mat to the team. We will continue to maintain open lines of communication and transparency, as they are of utmost importance to Lisk.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first community survey. While we were not able to include all of the valuable responses to the survey in this blog post, we have discussed them at length internally. The feedback from our community members is highly valued, as it continues to steer us toward our ultimate vision.

— The Lisk Team