Lunyr Dev Update — Orbiter

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Lunyr update. We’re proud to share our progress for the past month!

As mentioned in our last update, we have been working on a completely decentralized app, code named Orbiter. This dapp has been fully rebuilt with a primary focus on complete decentralization.

Using the new app:


As you can see from the screenshot above, this new dapp will be a desktop download and be available for Windows, Mac and Linux, just like our other desktop apps now. It will also be available at the same location as usual:

Login and Accounts

Login will no longer utilize the traditional email address that you are used to when logging on to our website. You now login with your Ethereum address:

And, as you can see, you can have multiple accounts.

Note: Once you download the dapp and login, you will be able to import your account, which includes your LUN and Ether.


Tasks like Authoring and Editing will feel familiar as it will be the same as you have been doing on our website:


Our full expectation is to have the Alpha of this released next week with the following features:

AuthoringReadingPeer ReviewWalletAccount Creation

This dapp will continue to be updated over the coming weeks as we mentioned in our last update.