Lunyr (LUN) June Updates

Greetings Lunyrians! A lot of time has passed since the crowdsale and we’ve made tremendous progress together since then. Today, we’d like to give an update on the project’s status and reward everyone for being patient.

The development of the project’s invitation-only Alpha is looking phenomenal. We’ve refined the technical architecture and drafted the core contracts, which are going through testing and revision as we speak. We’ve devised an innovative method for the community to organize the content autonomously, have made a lot of progress building the plumbing and have been connecting the components of the system. Overall, all the pieces are starting to fit together nicely.

Although we’ve been moving fast, we’ve been strict on keeping our standards and the project quality high, and therefore the Alpha will be slightly delayed. Rest assured, speed remains a top priority.

Our team has increased in size and we’ve recruited top talent in design, development, and marketing. We’d like to announce Christopher Smith as our CTO.

A major goal for us moving forward is having stronger communication and community engagement. Brandon Kelly will be helping us with engaging the community for the next couple weeks.

Finally, Lunyr has gone through a rebrand. Below are wallpapers we would like to give the community.