Lunyr Dev Update — API, Internationalization, Mobile Apps and PC Desktop now available

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Lunyr update! We’ve been hard at working and finally ready to share exciting news on the Lunyr platform.


As long promised, we are expanding our horizons to support additional languages. In the initial release of this functionality, we will be supporting Chinese and Spanish in addition to English. You will be able to set your language in the upper right hand corner of the website:

All navigational items will be set to that new language and your feed will reflect the articles written in your selected language.

Make sure you select the article’s language when you publish or first edit your article:

Note: because this is new functionality, any articles written before internationalization support was implemented will be considered English by default. As soon as an article is edited, it will reflect its correct language.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as we roll out this functionality within the Chinese and Spanish communities and extend to additional languages in the future.

If you have any suggestions on future language expansion please reach out to our community on Telegram and Discord and let us know.

Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktop Apps are all released

The Mac and Linux versions have been up for a while. The PC version is now available. All are available under Downloads on the menu or directly at

Android and iOS Lunyr apps released

Mobile apps have been written. The Android version is currently up and available on the Google Play Store for immediate download. The iPhone version has been submitted to Apple for review and will be available in the next few days.

To download our application, simply search for Lunyr in the App Store or Play Store, click on the links on our Downloads page above or click here for the Android version:

Note: the mobile applications lag in feature set to the desktop and web based apps by about a week or two. So, if you see functionality in the web, but not the app, it will be there shortly.

The iOS app has been submitted to the Apple Store and is still undergoing review. Once approved by Apple, the community should be able to download it.

Public API released

We are proud to announce that you can now access the content and titles of our articles through our public API.

You will need to create a developer key by going to your profile and selecting the API tab and clicking Generate API Key:

Documentation for how to use the API can be found on that same tab or directly at:

Gas Reimbursement Discontinued

We will no longer be issuing reimbursements for gas. This will take effect starting 12:00 am Pacific time on May 10, 2018.

LUN Withdrawal are now manual and immediate

Now, you can withdraw LUN whenever you want.

To kick off the process, go to your wallet and select Send Funds.

Writing Manual

As mentioned in our last dev update, the writing manual is now available. This will help ensure that everyone is aware of how to write and the expectations of peer review which should lead to much higher quality articles.

To get to our writing manual, simply click on the Writing Manual link on the menu.

Mobile Web Redesign

We have implemented the design changes for viewing our site on your mobile web browser for much better usage, but we highly recommend that you use one of our mobile apps for a smoother experience.