Coin Magi (xmg) Release m-wallet v1.4.5.1

This release schedules a hard fork at block #1606950 as a solution to the current mining issue that miners cannot mine blocks. v1.4.5.1 is compatible with the prior block chain.

The PoW / PoS block generation rule is disabled;

Difficulty adjustment algo switches back to MQW at #1606948;

Block drift time is limited within 5 min;

Remove IRC and add DNS seeds.

Quick startup I (without touching the block-chain):

Backup wallet.dat;Launch the new wallet.

Quick startup II (replacing the block-chain):

Backup wallet.dat;Download block-chain data from here:;Delete all of the contents under the .magi (unix-like system) or Magi (OS X or Windows) folder, except for wallet.dat and magi.conf;Unzip the file and copy the folders under "m-block-chain" into the .magi (unix-like system) or Magi (OS X or Windows) folder;Launch the new wallet.