MaidSafe Dev Update - SAFE Network goes mobile, Alpha 2 - The Authenticator & More

Another very busy week on the development front and as you will see we
have a few things to get through in this update, much of which will come
as welcome news to anyone following our development progress.

SAFE Network goes mobile

As you will soon notice, this update comes with binaries, but
unusually these are not only for desktop, these also include mobile
binaries. The two mobile apps in this repository 

a mobile Authenticator and SAFE Messages, a mobile email app, are tech previews.
These are not meant as end user applications, this example is to show
developers one way to integrate from these platforms. We will allocate
time and resource to create a full developer experience on mobile via
native SDKs, including an easy to use API and documentation. This
preview merely showcases the network’s mobile compatibility. Currently,
these applications are created with Xamarin

as it allows for a simple unified codebase to test the compatibility
concepts. We wanted to confirm the authenticator capabilities from
mobile platforms and check out any unforeseen issues pre Alpha-2 and
were pleasantly surprised that the native code was very close to plug
and play for mobile platforms (a few changes were needed, we’ll probably
cover the mobile integration and the journey of bootstrapping with the
network from mobile platforms in a separate post to not turn this into
an essay

Android binaries

Safe Authenticator ( Andriod ) on github:

Safe Massages ( Andriod ) github:

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