Matchpool Development Update - Web platform,Android application & MoreReport — January 17th

This week, the Matchpool development team implemented two new features within the web and mobile platforms. The first feature the development team added was the Auto Unpin feature, which allows users to pin messages and set a timer for when the pinned message would “expire” and be removed from the pinned message queue. Second, the team revamped the admin-to-member direct messaging system, adding new options such as: pool admins being able to directly message any and all members of their pool and pool members being able to directly message their pool admins for a set fee (quoted in Guppy.) With the addition of these two new features, both the mobile and web platform will have users feeling more connected, and leading to a better matchmaking experience for all.

Web platform and Android application FEATURE UPDATES

1. Automatic unpinning of pinned messages — enables automatic unpinning of pinned messages after a specified date and time.

a. Example of auto unpin options in the pool settings panel.

b. Example of pin flow (selection time and fee for auto unpin)

2. Admin(s) can direct message all pool members individually.

a. Example of admin options in the settings panel

3. Pool members can direct message the pool admin in exchange for a specified fee (quoted in Guppy.)

a. Example of member-to-admin messages:


With the implementation of Matchpool’s two latest features: Auto Unpin messages and Admin-to-member direct messaging, Matchpool users will now have even more reasons to matchmake and stay connected. Overall, the feature adding this week will give Matchpool a refreshing feel and give users more options when conducting matches and connecting with their peers.

Thanks for reading and match on!


The Matchpool team.