The Official Matchpool Q&A

Yonatan answers the first round of community questions!

Last week we announced in You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, that Yoni would be holding a Q&A session and answering questions from the community. Here’s Yoni answering some of the first few we received.

Can we get a better vision map and more regular updates from Matchpool?

Our vision was and always will be about the Pools product in its different forms. We’re building it and aim to build more versions of it. Regarding more regular updates, that is exactly the reason we’re holding this Q&A session— so we can make sure the community knows what we’re up to and to make sure that we know what the community is thinking. We want to get more feedback from you and know exactly what the expectations of the community are so we can be aligned. We will provide more frequent updates on Medium and other channels to make sure everyone knows what’s going on here at Matchpool.

What about QGUP and GUP?What is the value of QGUP and what is the difference between it and the value of GUP?

Guppy is the utility for all of the Matchpool products, in particular the Pools product. QGUP started as an experiment to prove our Atomic Swap system and after much discussion, we decided to focus 100% on bringing more utility to the Guppy.

When will GUP be traded on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese exchanges? (like Binance, huobi, okex, bithumb?)

The Guppy is a traded coin. Right now it is being traded on a few different exchanges — in Korea and the US. We hope it will be traded on more exchanges in the future.

What’s the status with the Airdrop?

The airdrop and lottery were completed successfully and we are very pleased with the results. Let me give you some stats:

We expanded our community from 2K to 20K people

We expanded the number of token holders to more than 20K people

We distributed 500K GUP

I look forward to continuing this conversation so please submit your questions so we will be able to answer more in our next session.


In other news, I’ll be at Consensus Summit in May so come say hi!

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Thanks Guys!