Matchpool Magazine — #004 - Launch XGUP, Matchpool & Snip collaboration & MoreThe Future of News. Matchpool & Snip Collaboration, New Full Stack Developer Meir Cohen, Alpha to launch XGUP on Ropsten Testnet in the next week. Matchpool & Snip

Matchpool has been following the progress of Snip and is happy to announce a collaboration between ourselves and the popular crypto news publication.

Snip is the place to read short and concise content about tech, sports, entertainment, politics, and everything else. On Snip you can browse your personalized feed full of snippets, created by their community of writers.
Snip News Feed

Matchpool members will be able to refer new article writers to Snip’s pool. After a writer has joined Snip and published their first article, the referrer will receive Guppy Tokens or Snipcoins as a reward.

New Development Wizards: Meir & Asaf

Raise a glass for Meir Cohen and Asaf Eliyahu, new members of the Matchpool family. Both Meir and Asaf boast impressive skills in front end engineering and software engineering and we’re very excited to have them onboard in our Tel Aviv offices.

New Development Wizards: (Left to Right) Meir Cohen & Asaf Eliyahu Matchpool to Launch XGUP

Before the launch of GUP, we are going to release XGUP Token on the Ropsten Ethereum Testnet. We are trialing XGUP inside the application and gathering feedback and bugs before officially launching GUP. More information will be on this in our next post on what you’ll be able to do with XGUP and new updates in the Alpha.

XGUP to launch on Ethereum Testnet (Ropsten)

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