How to Send Ether to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign in 10 Easy Steps.How to Send Ether to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign in 10 Easy Steps. This is a layman’s guide for those who want to send their Ether to Matchpool’s crowdfunding campaign. The tutorial explains how to contribute from

This is for non-technical and semi-technical crypto-enthusiasts that have Ether lying around that want a quick guide to investing into Matchpool and other Ethereum based projects. I wanted to make this the easiest guide online and hopefully save newbie investors like myself nail-biting moments before crowdfunding campaigns or ICOs start.

Where is your Ether?

If you have Ether, it will be held in a wallet somewhere. You cannot send your Ether from an exchange or a third party service like Bittrex, Poloniex or a Coinbase wallet for example. If it is sitting in a third party wallet like one of these services, you will need to create a new Ether wallet and transfer your Ether out of your exchange / third party wallet into a new wallet before sending them to Matchpool or another Ethereum crowdsale.

Where can you send Ethereum from?

For the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign, you can send Ether from (Quick), Mist and Parity.

Make a Wallet on MyEtherWallet (Quick):

1 — Go to MyEtherWallet

Go over to Leave Tab open.

2 — Go to Strong Password Generator

Go to Strong Password Generator in a new Tab and a click Generate Password and copy password.

3 — Open a Spreadsheet

Open a Microsoft or Google Spreadsheet either offline or online. If you do keep any spreadsheets offline, I recommend then turning them into a password protected ZIP file. If leaving passwords online, I recommend using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on all logins.

4 — Paste your Strong Password

Paste you super strong password into the ‘Enter a strong password’ box in MyEtherWallet and click ‘Generate Wallet’ and into your spreadsheet.

5 — Download your Keystore File

Your Keystore file is required to upload back to MyEtherWallet, so don’t lose this and back it up online or on a hard drive or two.

Optional Note: You can download and print your wallet (so you can be sent funds easily) and you can save your Encrypted Private Key as a JSON file.

In your spreadsheet now, you should have something that looks like the images below. Your Address, Password, Encrypted Private Key and Keystore all safe on your computer and backed up — Remember to back up. Seriously.

Safe and sound: MyEtherWallet Address, Password & Encrypted Private Key 8 — Send Ether to your Newly made Ether Wallet.

I will send my Ether from my third party wallet at Coinbase to my new (created above) Ethereum Wallet address:


Now you need to login to your new wallet at MyEtherWallet to see that the Ether has been transferred successfully and to transfer on the funds.

9 — Login to your New Wallet

Go back to MyEtherWallet and click ‘Send Ether & Tokens’. Check the box ‘Private Key’ and copy and paste your Encrypted Private Key from your spreadsheet to this box. Then click ‘Unlock’.

10 — Make sure your Ether has Transferred Correctly

When you’ve logged in you should see something like this on the left:

10 — Send Funds to Matchpool Crowdfund Wallet

When you’ve seen the funds are in your new wallet, you now need to look at the right hand part of the screen and write in the Matchpool Wallet address:

***** Note: Address will be added on SAT 25 MAR 2017 *****

Write this in the position of the ‘To Address’ where the zeros are below. Type the amount of Ether you wish to send. You will have to send less Ether than the total you have in your wallet to pay for ‘Gas’ which pays the ‘transaction fee’. MyEtherWallet suggests a gas of 21000. If the Ether amount fails to send, you may have to increase the Gas to a higher amount.

If all works correctly, you should see:

When you click ‘Send Transaction’ it gives you one last chance before sending — double check the Matchpool Wallet address is correct before sending:

***** Address will be added on SAT 25 MAR 2017 ***** Congratulations, you’ve contributed to Matchpool.

Thank you for contributing to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign. You can see the total progress of the campaign at

How to check your contribution?

Go to and in the top right box, write your new Wallet Address and press search. You will see your contribution transaction.

Your Guppies are safe.

For more information on when you can trade your Guppies, please look at our article here. For more FAQ’s on Matchpool, please check our FAQ on Medium.

Need Assistance?

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