Minexcoin Weekly Report - Smooth week for MNX

Hello, community!

Exactly one week ago MNX has started its listing on the Livecoin exchange. After seven days we have some results which we want to share with you in this report. Have a comfortable seat, we’re beginning.

Starting price was about US$ 1–1,5 per coin. This was due to one main factor: bounty holders (mainly) started to sell their coins not bothering about preferable price. Actually, this situation didn’t last long, the price was consolidated after, and just in two days the price has begun to rise and increased fourfold (x4) to the moment.

5 dollar rate was achieved on the fifth day of trading and ranges from $4.60 to $5.35 at the time of this writing. You can see it in the chart below

The market capitalization of the MNX today is about $ 28 135 721 and this volume continues to grow. Also the hashrate of the blockchain has increased significantly. It happened due to the addition of MNX to the Suprnova pool and due to miners capacity all over the world. The average hashrate is about 1.6 MSOL per second now with frequent risings up to 3,5 MSOL/s. It means that MNX blockchain security has been strengthened and it shows a tendency to ever-increasing decentralization.

As for the MinexBank product, it also has a positive dynamic. The algorithm continues to collect data about all MNX operations and calibrates itself. The number of users who use parking tool grows by 5>#/strong### every day that’s why we’re focused on upgrading of all our platforms at the moment.

Summing up these facts, we can say that everything is going according to MinexBank Memorandum (which you definitely have read a week ago!).

Of course, we can’t take all the credit, so we want to thank you all for the activity and for spreading the information about our project into the blockchain community. Way to go, just keep trading, parking, and earning!

MinexSystems’ team hopes this information was useful to you. We’ll keep you informed about all upcoming news. For example, during the creating of this article new MNX/USD pair was added on the Livecoin exchange.