Minexcoin block explorer upgrade

Meet new Minexcoin block explorer

Dear community!

One of the satellite products of every blockchain project is the block explorer. Yes of course you can use the basic one, but why not to make it more convenient for any user?

So we’ve upgraded our explorer and hope you’ll find it useful.

We’ve rebuilt an architecture of this service which has increased web-client speed and servers stability. Here’s the list of what we’ve done:

hash rate is displaying on the main page now as a graphic or by digitsnetwork difficulty is displaying on the main page too (also as a graphic or by digits)new adaptive layout optimized for correct display in different conditionsprepared explorer API (both public and private)reworked the code structure, responsible for working with blockchainmoved to a new database (best suited for blockchain solutions)improved search technology (block height, block hash, transaction hash, etc)developed an amazing blockchain synchronizeradded current charts for price (with convenient settings)added parking rates displayadded richlistadded tabs with extended information about transactions and blocksadded transaction scripts view (meta data)added the switch between dollar and MNX view

…and many many more UX/UI improvements!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new explorer.

If you find any bugs or experience any inconvenience, don’t hesitate and contact our support at [email protected]