MinexBank Wear application for Android smartwatches.Prepare your watch for MinexBank Wear

Hey MNXers! Our development team wants to please you with one more slight but handy product — a MinexBank Wear application for Android smartwatches. That’s right, now you can monitor all the MNX data just by looking at your wrist.

The application does not require authorisation. Just open it on the watch, and you’ll get the information about stats, price, trading volume or MNX rank in the top of cryptocurrencies in the real time.

But most importantly that the app can be used to monitor parking rates of MinexBank. To do this just swipe it to the right or left. We also wish to commend it’s only the first version of the product, and its functionality will be significantly expanded in the future.

You can download MinexBank Wear at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=minexbank.minexsystems.com.minexbankwear