Release of Minexcoin and MinexBank test network. Start of public testing

Hello, dear Minexcoin community. The day has come when we are ready to show you Minexcoin and volatility management algorithm — MinexBank.

For those who has joined our community just recently, we’d like to recall that Minexcoin is a payment system based on low volatility crypto currency. Minexcoin is developed on the basis of bitcoin with a familiar GUI, which has proved itself as a stable and secure protocol. We’ve changed some parameters in order to further optimize it. More information is available on the official website and in the White paper. Test-net version of Minexcoin can be download here: (During the testing, the coin will be called Xcoin to prevent misleading of users by Minexcoin shifting to mine-net).

MinexBank is an algorithm for controlling the volatility of Minexcoin.

The objective of MinexBank is to regulate volatility of Minexcoin on the market in order to create the prerequisites for the development of Minexcoin as a global mean of payment and reserve currency on the blockchain technology.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website of MinexBank:

To regulate volatility, MinexBank applies parking and interventions.

Parking is a confirmation of the intention of Minexcoin holder not to bring the coins from the wallet to the market within the specified period of time. This intention is confirmed by the Minexcoin owner by creating an application in the MinexBank algorithm. After the end of the selected parking period, interest on the specified amount of funds, which was kept on your wallet throughout the whole period, will be paid to your address.

Public testing

During a few weeks there will be testing of the solutions presented to determine bugs and receive recommendations from users on the improvement of the system. No less important test goal is demonstration of recent results of the MinexSystems operation and a prototype created by the team. After the end of public testing, the Minexcoin mine-net will be launched and you will have an opportunity to withdraw MNX to your own wallets and trade them on the exchange.

How to participate in public testing?

Download the wallet. (

2. Register in MinexBank (


3. Join the official group of MinexBank in the Telegram, inform us about your desire to participate in the test and specify your Minexcoin address in a personal message. After that you will be credited 5 test coins.

4. Park these coins and get interest.

5. Those participants who will create more than 10 parking lots before June 27, 2017, will be credited another 45 test coins.

6. Please note that the interest rate for parking will change during the test. Monitor interest rate changes and park coins more profitably.

7. If you see that the rate has increased significantly compared to the parking that you have already created, you can cancel the existing parking lot and park coins with greater profit.

How to register in MinexBank

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Minexcoin How to register in MinexBank


Download and install XCoin Wallet (Download link)Create receiving address marked “MyMinexBank” in the downloaded Xcoin wallet (File -> Receiving addresses -> + New)Register in MinexBank. To do it:

The first step: specify your Minexcoin Address (File-> Receiving addresses) with the label “MyMinexBank” and the password that you will use for authorization.

The second step: MinexBank should receive confirmation that the address is yours. To do this, select “File-> Sign message” in the XCoin Wallet.

In the first field, enter the address that you have used for registration during the 1st step.

In the second field, write the word “minexbank” without quotes and spaces and press “sign message”.

Then, copy your signature and paste it into the corresponding field of the registration form in MinexBank and press “confirm”.

Congratulations, you have registered in MinexBank.