MinexPay Report | Week 2: Solid growth confirmed!

The second week has passed since MinexPay’s launch. Curious about the last 7 days? Let us shed some light on the matter!

Simply put, MinexPay is alluring! Our product attracts crypto-enthusiasts, from all over the world, that want to appreciate the perks of a real-life spendable cryptocurrency.

Once again, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the report! In less than 5 minutes, we will provide you with an update on the current state of affairs and even share with you some sneak peaks regarding further developments.

Statistics: An unstoppable demand!

As the MinexPay advertising campaign continued its course, an established and appealing demand remained! Numbers speak for themselves: 3371 cards have been registered since launch. To our delight, the number of future MinexPay card owners keeps increasing and it seems like we are successfully gaining interest from the market.

MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders, total (28Jun — 11Jul 2018)

Each day, up to 240 crypto-enthusiasts pre-order MinexPay card. To our pleasant surprise, Infinite cards are far more attractive than anticipated. Numbers show a staggering +128% growth compared to the previous week! How about that?

MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders by types, total and week 2 growth (28Jun — 11Jul 2018)

Such a remarkable pace will pave the way for massive adoption for MinexPay, with more than 18000 cards sold under 3 months!

Want some sneak peeks?

We really appreciate our community’s active support and constant interest for the MinexPay project. Today, we want to reward that with some meaningful insights regarding behind the scene developments:

1. Establishing collaboration with B2B sector. We have piqued the curiosity of other businesses and we are now working on partnerships with several mining companies. Indeed, B2B sector is in need of a cryptocurrency payment solution. To that regard, our team is proud to propose MinexPay and share our ingenious product with the crypto mining community.

2. Referral program to be launched under 7 days. We have some great news and surprises for our enthusiastic members and supporters! We are developing a well-thought referral program to spread MinexPay rapidly and efficiently. Want to spread the word about MinexPay while getting rewarded for your effort? Join us and participate in its thrilling growth!

3. Early birds discounts. Until now, about 500 cards have been purchased. While such a difference with respect to preorders can easily be explained (KYC verification not available yet, card activation in the end of summer, part of community keeping their MNX in the Minexbank while waiting…), how about we make early card purchase worthwhile to our dear members? If you order the card now (not just pre-order), you will get a discount! (Those who already did will get that too, that goes without saying). So don’t wait and complete your order now!

4. Building relationships with influencers. MinexPay has been gaining more attention from medias and our network of engaged influencers has started to expand. We have been keeping in touch with several YouTubers, who reached out to work together on spreading awareness about MinexPay.

Incoming Transactions

Don’t Forget to Finalize your card(s) ordering!

If you did not PAY for the card, follow this link and finalize your card(s) ordering: MinexPay Login. Be sure you have finished this step to proceed with KYC verification (second part of July).

That will be all for now. Fired up already?

Let us now go back to work and make MinexPay the best crypto debit card on the market. We’ll keep publishing weekly reports to share exciting news and progress with you.