Modulum KYC/AML procedure

We are excited to announce that Modulum ICO opens tomorrow. In order to adhere to global ICO regulations, we are setting a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) whitelist procedure.

To perform this procedure according to the laws, Modulum is using PICOPS ( This service is already used in several ICOs, it performs KYC/AML checks by asking ID documents . A small fee of 0.024 ETH will be charged per new user by PICOPS, investors who already checked their wallet do not have to pay this fee again. Then investors must sign themselves up on Modulum Whitelist.

Important: USA, China and Singapore nationalities cannot participate to Modulum ICO.

This how to participate to Modulum ICO 1 — You need a verified Ethereum address on PICOPS (KYC/AML)

In order to adhere to regulations, you need to prove your identity. PICOPS service verify your identity and then certify your wallet. This ethereum wallet must be yours and you must control your private key. Do not use a wallet from exchange market or from a service don’t have access to the private key. If you don’t have any, you can create one on

This is the wallet you are going to pay with and receive tokens.

Verify your wallet on PICOPS (0.024ETH fee). Read carefully and follow their instruction. This procedure takes only a few minutes.

2 — Sign up the Modulum ICO Whitelist (Not yet online)

Once you have a PICOPS registered wallet you must sign up the Modulum Whitelist. Our system will check if your informations are correct, if everything is correct you will be added to the Smart Contract’s Whitelist. Once again: USA, China and Singapore nationalities cannot sign up to Modulum ICO Whitelist.

Every transaction from a wallet that is not registered on PICOPS and on the Modulum’s Whitelist will be rejected by the Smart Contract.

The Whitelist plateform will be online few hours before the ICO opening. The sign up and whitelist checks only take a a few minutes.

3 — Send ETH to the Smart Contract

Every ETH you will send on the ICO Smart Contract will be automatically converted into MDL tokens according to the current rate:

If current ICO raising fund is under soft cap (7,000ETH) 1ETH = 450MDL (50% Bonus)
If ICO is between soft cap and 25% total 1ETH = 360MDL (20% Bonus)
If ICO is between 25% and 50% 1ETH = 330MDL (10% Bonus)
If ICO is between 50% and 75% 1ETH = 315MDL (5% Bonus)
If ICO is between 75% and hard cap (68,000ETH) 1ETH = 300MDL (No bonus)

There is a minimum amount of 0.2ETH.

Get ready, the Modulum ICO will open tomorow, November 22 at 17:00UTC.