Monaco VISA® Card after being behind the scenes for a long time(1year) to perfect a product it believes will help the crypto community with a cost effective and easier solution to spend their favorite crypto currency has finally arrived, making it a must-have item for every Ether or Bitcoin holder.  The credit card industry has not had full exposure in the cryptosphere and thanks to who have come up with an innovative product in the form of a debit card to bridge the needs of crypto currency users.

Why would you use the Monaco VISA® Card? Simple, every time you spend with Monaco VISA® Card, you will get to enjoy reasonable interbank exchange rates without markups or fees from them to avoid all the exorbitant bank charges and currency exchanges imposed on us, giving affordable premium services (amazing value), transparency and a peace of mind. This is a must have not only to Ether or Bitcoin holder holders but all cryptocurrency users.

Other Benefits of using the Monaco VISA® Card? Other than spending your Ether or Bitcoin with a physical Monaco VISA® Card wherever VISA® cards are accepted, both online & offline you will get to enjoy free and instant transfers between Monaco users, with the funds being immediately available to the recipient and accessible with their Monaco VISA® Card and free global transfers in 23 currencies to 120 countries at perfect interbank exchange rates and this best part of this is you have an account opened via mobile app in just under 3 minutes!

Other Interesting Products? Monaco will be rewarding its early enthusiasts with limited edition Visa cards depending on how much and when you signed up for its product. The Limited edition Mónaco VISA® Blackcards baring numbers from 001 to 999 will only be issued to participants of the MCO Token Sale. Black Cards numbered from 001 to 499 will be assigned to Top ETH Token Contributors.Black numbers numbered 500 to 999 will have to be issued to the fastest payers, based on the date and time of their ETH contribution.

A Leader board will be available on the Monaco website to show potential Black Card holders and will update automatically in real-time during the MCO Token Sale. Apart from the limited edition design black card holders will enjoy a lifetime and uninterrupted perfect interbank exchange rates and triple free monthly ATM withdrawal limits and with more benefits expected to be rolled out over time.

Anybody with the highest number of tokens after the ICO will be rewarded with the Monaco VISA® Black Card Number (001) and will receive a bonus of 188,888 Monaco Tokens from the Monaco Founder’s Pool. The 188,888 Bonus Monaco tokens will be readily available to the holder without any sort of lockup period.

MONACO Token Sale The ICO is ongoing at the moment which started on the 18th of May 2017 and is expected to end on the 18th of JUNE 2017. This is the only Monaco (MCO) token creation event. You can not afford this great token sale.

Breakdown of the MCO ICO is as follows: 30% — ICO investors 25% — Founders 10% — Expenses such as salaries 5% — Advisors 30% — Special MCO fund

How collected MCO ICO funds is expected to be Used: 35% — R&D and Product Development 20% — Marketing and Customer Acquisition 15% — Initial Capex, including costs of e-Money licenses 30% — Working Capital

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