MyBit Crowdsale Launch is here!

Thank you for registering for the upcoming MyBit crowdfunding campaign set to officially go live in the next few hours at 00:00 GMT +0 (London) and run for 30 consecutive days.   The first tranche of coins totaling 4,500,000 MyB are set at a 25% discount.  Please review the MyBit Deal Sheet located in the footer of the ICO Dashboard for full details and specifications.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the price you will receive due to the smart contract processing orders as they come in (speed of placing orders is important, but if you are tuned into our Slack channel with orders ready to go when the official launch is announced, you should be fine).   An AMA will be held tonight on our slack channel, https://mybit-dapp.slack.com   If you are having issues logging into the platform, please clear your browser’s cache and reload the page.  If after that, you are still encountering any problems, Slack is the best option for fast communication to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.   Below are helpful links and documentation regarding the MyBit platform.

Website https://mybit.io What is MyBit? https:[email protected]_Blog/what-is-mybit-acbe776cee51#.9dczd1345

  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or for guidance through the crowdfunding process. Cheers, MyBit Team