MyBit sign partnership with Alpine Mining.

We are happy to announce MyBit has signed a partnership with Alpine Mining.

Alpine Mining is a sustainable cryptocurrency mining company based in Gondo, Switzerland, which benefits greatly from its location. Few places on earth are better suited for industrial scale mining than the Swiss Alps. Not only does political stability in Switzerland ensure mining operations go unhindered, but the region also hosts three hydroelectric power stations that provide a bountiful supply of clean and affordable energy, while cool Alpine air assists in reducing costs on cooling systems.

By partnering with Alpine Mining, MyBit is not only making significant headway building the infrastructure of the future machine economy, but we are also helping to tackle the issue of environmental sustainability regarding blockchain technology. Here’s what our CEO, Ian Worrall, has to say about the partnership:

“There’s a lot of excitement around the internet of things and blockchain right now. Globally, the market for IoT devices is projected to grow to $8.9T in 2020. Here at MyBit, we’re making buying, selling and monetising them as easy as using an app. And through our partnership with Alpine Mining, we’re bringing our tech to the mining community for the first time.”
“Alpine are a 100% sustainable mining company. There has been a lot of negative coverage about the power cryptocurrency mining consumes. Alpine counters this. With their technology, every single transaction is powered by hydroelectricity alone.”

Soon users of the MyBit platform will be able to profit from this partnership, by being able to co-own existing mining operations and customise or crowdfund their own. Together, MyBit and Alpine Mining are offering distributed ownership of mining operations for every budget with the ability to scale rapidly. No longer will mining be an expensive and arduous task, but an effortless pursuit for those of all financial means.

MyBit is constantly on the lookout for other companies to partner with in order to make IoT devices accessible to new audiences. Stay tuned for more updates from us in the near future.

In our next blog we’ll be diving into the platform UX/UI.

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