NavCoin Release  v4.5.0 - Cold Staking Protocol Upgrade

<Pull Request 249> <Commit b1c776c>

This Protocol Upgrade will implement the NPIP_0002 which will introduce a new opcode (OP_COINSTAKE) for the NavCoin scripting language and a new standard transaction type using the new opcode.

The wallet will vote this Protocol Upgrade with YES by default.

Adds support for Cold Staking Addresses.Signaled by version bit 3.Adds new rpc command getcoldstakingaddress.Wizard to create Cold Staking Addresses in the Receiving tab of the wallet.Updates several RPC commands to provide results relating to Cold Staking.Adds new RPC tests to test Cold Staking Address creation and use.Added a 'Cold Staking' balance display to the wallet GUI. Manual testing with a modified wallet client

We also performed a number of tests against the cold staking code using a modified wallet client in an attempt to exploit potential weakness in the code. None of these attempts managed to find an exploit. Details can be found under release-notes-4.5.0-additional-testing-notes/

Reject this Protocol Upgrade

To not vote for this Protocol Upgrade, add the following line to your navcoin.conf file: rejectversionbit=3

Community Fund Voting GUI A GUI interface that can be used to vote for community fund proposals and payment requests.A new notification that will appear when a new community fund proposal or payment request is found on the blockchain.Also added a new warning to the wallet screen to inform users when their wallet is syncing that their balance may not be displaying accurately. Static Rewards Protocol Upgrade

<Pull Request 328> <Commit 9601f85>

This Protocol Upgrade will change the NavCoin Staking block reward to a fixed amount of 2 NAV per block. You can read more about this upgrade at its NPIP page, NPIP_0004.

The wallet will vote this Protocol Upgrade with YES by default.

Signaled by version bit 15.Adds RPC tests for Static Rewards. Reject this Protocol Upgrade

To reject this Protocol Upgrade, add the following line to your navcoin.conf file: rejectversionbit=15.

Dynamic Community Fund Quorum Protocol Upgrade

<Pull Request 328> <Commit 9601f85>

This Protocol Upgrade would introduce a reduction of the required quorum for the Community Fund in the second half of the votings from 50% to 40%.

The wallet will vote this Protocol Upgrade with NO by default.

Signaled by version bit 17. Accept this Protocol Upgrade

To accept this Protocol Upgrade, add the following line to your navcoin.conf file: acceptversionbit=17.

Reject specific version bits by default

<Pull Request 336> <Commit eb6a1a2>

By default the wallet votes yes for the Protocol Upgrades included in the wallet. This change adds a list of version bits which will be voted no by default, while also adding an option to manually vote yes for those bits.

To manually vote yes for a version bit add the following to your navcoin.conf file: acceptversionbit=17

Block header spam protection

<Pull Request 335> <Commit 210a22d>

The wallet will now rate-limit the amount of block headers received from a single peer before banning them for misbehaving. This is an anti-spam measure and is customizable via the config file or via launch arguments.

The new launch arguments are:

-headerspamfilter=<0 or 1> - 1 will turn the filter on (it is on by default), and 0 will turn it off.

-headerspamfiltermaxsize=<number> - The number you wish to set as the new max size.

-headerspamfiltermaxavg=<number> - The number you wish to set as the new max average.

Community Fund RPC commands

<Pull Request 334> <Commit cc8e213>

Shows help for proposalvotelist and paymentrequestvotelist.Shows proposals and payment requests in pending state without vote.Categorises cfund rpc commands under own category.Updates RPC tests for these commands. Other modifications in the NavCoin client, docs and codebase Added github issue and pull request templates. <Pull Request 347> <Commit ce2e282Pull Request 338> <Commit 8aa7cddPull Request 318> <Commit 7730c7bPull Request 317> <Commit f0ea24cPull Request 314> <Commit dcdece2>New genesis block for testnet. SHA256 Hashes

To check the validity of the hashes, visit the navcoin-sigs repository





















*The hashes of Windows .exe builds are currently nondeterministic. Users who are concerned with the checksums of .exe builds should compile their own builds to verify this.

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