Community Fund Youtube Livestream Education Live Streaming Session #3

This is your chance to learn all about the new NavCoin Community Fund from the experts — lead developers Alex and Craig. You’ll find out why the Fund is a unique example of true decentralisation, hear about the innovative thinking that went into its development, and get insights into why testing and retesting has been such an important part of the process.

Tune in to NavCoin Core’s Youtube channel Wednesday 17th October at 1930 GMT.

NavCoin is now on Delta Direct

NavCoin news is now available on Delta Direct — an app for iOS, Android and desktop, developed by Delta, the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Delta Direct is similar to Blockfolio Signal and has over one million subscribers.

To get Delta Direct head over to your phone’s app store and search ‘Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker’ or download the desktop version for your computer.

NavCollab highlight: Carbon Neutral NavCoin

There are already a number of Spaces that have been created on the NavCollab forum, including the ‘Carbon Neutral NavCoin’ proposal. The idea behind this project is “to offset the carbon footprint of the NavCoin network, making NAV the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency.”

Follow this Space if you would like to learn more!

Tell your friends about NavCoin

If you have a Facebook account a simple way to help promote NavCoin is to go to the NavCoin page, and in the right-hand column under “community” click “invite your friends”, click “select all” and click “send invitations”. It only takes a moment, so why not visit Facebook now?

NAV listed on BitexLive

NavCoin has just been added to another exchange. The NAV/BTC trading pair is now available on BitexLive which is based in Turkey.

Developer News

The new Core Wallet 4.4.0 is in final testing ahead of the Community Fund launch. Along with that, a new NavPi image was prepared for release with this version of the Core Wallet.

Developer documentation website

Core developers began writing content for the upcoming developer documentation website. This site is intended to become a comprehensive resource, and make it much easier for developers to contribute their skills to the NavCoin community, either by contributing code to the NavCoin protocol or creating new software and services on top of it. It complements the NavCoin Knowledge Base which is there to provide assistance and information to users of existing software and services within the NavCoin ecosystem. translations

A Spanish translation is in the works for the refreshed website, with more languages to come. If you’re interested in translating into a language you’re fluent in please visit the #dev-websites channel on the NavCoin Discord.

Updated NEXT wallet released

Sakdeniz has released the latest version of his NEXT wallet, which includes a NavCoin block explorer and a Community Fund proposal manager. Download your NEXT wallet now.

Core Content Creators NavCoin digital conference

Planning has begun for a community event to finish off 2018 on a positive note. There will be presentations, discussion sessions, and interactive workshops that you can view and take part in from anywhere. Look out for more details in next week’s edition of NavCoin Community News.

Prole in the news

Prole appeared on Naomi Brockwell’s “Weekly Crypto Recap” — a wide-ranging, lighthearted discussion on the latest news and developments in the cryptosphere.

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