Nexus - Social coin Development Update 006 — ICO Ending

Welcome to our sixth development update. We’ll talk about the end of the ICO, along with what will happen shortly after it finishes.

At the time of writing, we have raised a little more than 22,200 ETH. The ICO has been a huge accomplishment so far, and allows the company to operate for years to come.

The ICO will come to an end at 01:00 GMT on the 15th of September, which is approximately 14 hours away at the time of writing. Shortly after the ICO closes we will remove the transfer lock so that SCL can be moved to other wallets. We estimate this to be only a few minutes after 01:00 GMT as the function must be called manually from our crowdsale smart-contract.

Once unlocked, we’ll post on all social media channels letting our contributors know that SCL is available for transfer.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email [email protected], or reach our via one of our social channels.