How to invest in NVO?Optional steps:

This is only required if you don't already have a Bitcoin address to which you own the keys to.
Step 1: Download and install a Bitcoin wallet (Supported Ways of Generating an AddressElectrum Installation Guide). Run it and back up your wallet!
Step 2: Generate a new address in your wallet and send the amount that you want to invest to it.

Mandatory steps:
Step 1: Register an account on the NVO website: If you've sucessfully registered, you will see this screen:

Step 2: Confirm the account by clicking the link that you've received in your email account.
Step 4: Enter a personal Bitcoin address, one to which you own the private keys to (do not use exchanges, web services, and similar). This will enable you to see the Bitcoin escrow address and will generate an unique address for each coin.

Step 5: Depending on what you want to invest with, there are two possibilities here.
Step 5.1: If you are investing Bitcoin, then send from the personal address that you've previously entered.
Step 5.2:
If you are investing any altcoin, then send to the addresses that you
see in your dashboard. The tokens will be credited to the entered
Bitcoin personal address.
Supported ways of generating a personal Bitcoin address:

ElectrumJaxxWallet GeneratorBitaddressCoinb.inCounterwalletBitcoin Core

Where to get help? (ordered by speed)

Join the Slack team: or [email protected]

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Note 2:
This is open to suggestions and will change/update depending on those.
The list of supported ways of generating a Bitcoin address will
definitely update frequently.