Omni - State of the Layer: All Hands – Mar 13 2018


After nearly a month of dedicated work we are pleased to provide this months update.  As promised our initial 2018 roadmap is now complete and available below. Along with this we are also excited to announce updates for several of our hosted projects.

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Project Updates OmniExplorer

The first phase of the redesigned Omni Explorer is now complete and in final review/testing. We anticipate it should be ready for release tomorrow. Built on react boilerplate this is a ground up rebuild. Designed to have a minimal initial load, data is loaded from our api server as needed. The next phase will finish the majority of the ‘coming soon’ placeholders. But for now the core dataset (address balances, history, transaction details, and property information) is available. Here is a little sneak peak of what to expect with the release:


Now operational, our hosted api service is feeding data to the newly redesigned OmniExplorer. Over the next several days we will be updating and documenting available routes, endpoints and example calls to provide integrators with initial access to protocol data.


In preparation for the new explorer, our backend parser (omniEngine) has been updated and now supports unconfirmed/pending network transactions. This data is accessible and usable by both the new api server as well as Omniwallet. Users should notice pending transaction data a little more quickly now within wallets when receiving transactions from outside services.


As previously stated we are currently looking for additional c++ developers familiar with bitcoin technology who would like to participate in and contribute to the project.  Any interested applicants can contact [email protected]

Roadmap: Omni Core Fees distributed to Omni holders from decentralized exchange Decentralized trades not involving Omni are subject to a 0.05 % feeThis fee is distributed to all Omni holders Optimizing transaction size Shorter markerMerging version and type fieldsUsing LEB128 to compress numbers Non-fungible tokens Creating, managing and sending uniquely identifiable tokens Send-to-many transactions Allows to bundle transactionsRequested by and very useful for exchanges Crowdsales supporting bitcoin Currently only tokens can be collectedOpens the road for native bitcoin based ICOs Updating the architecture of Omni Core Useful for thin clientsPaves the way for verification with VerSum or similar Omni API Update api documentationImprove/add Exchange informationStatistics and usage information OmniExplorer Refine UI/StylingImprove Mobile design/rendering/sizeEvaluate reporting/graphing/statistics/info options OmniWallet Refactor to use new OmniAPIEnable better portability/usability in stand alone configurationsHD address/wallet support with recovery phraseHardware wallet integrations Other items Possible Electrum integration Show token balancesCreate and transfer tokens