State of the Layer: All Hands – May 16 2017

Craig Tether arbs with taiwan customers has restored the price back to the pegTravel Will be in NY next week for Consensus / TokenSummitWill be in Israel the following two weeks for d10e, meeting with potential sponsors & partners Omni Core 0.2 status?Deloitte proposal?Protocol enhancement usage Uniquely Identifiable Tokens Getting a build of Omniwallet that supports digital objectsWill be testing the prototype with specific use cases Core.ID / meta-data / address tagging Will be working with coretech devs on protocol integration redesign and content Will be engaging a designerWe need to prep how-to’s, walkthroughs and descriptions Litecoin private release Emails to [email protected] has provided some feedback Integrators Made inquires about 0.0.12 update statusStill need feedback from other large integrators Who else do we need? Zathras Omni Explorer: Further patched Omni Engine to tolerate pending bug with unreleased 0.2.  Confirmed success (26 occurrences of bug, zero failures)Rewrote Omni Engine’s supporting library (DLL) to have a much larger debugging footprint in an effort to get more granular troubleshooting dataStarted work on Omni Explorer v8 (based on various user feedback over the last year & with a focus on multiple blockchain support) Omni Core: Updated Class D pull request based on feedback (thanks to @dexx7)Continuing the ongoing work on next features to support integrators (class D, central fees, sendmany etc) Adam Omniwallet Handling supportWorked with marv to improve db queries and speed up wallet load timeLooking into multisig/hardware wallets supportLooking at manage issuance/management Sean bitcoinj-addons v0.2.3 due later this week Dependency updates only (some are important) OmniJ v0.5.1 due later this week Dependency updatesBug fixes and ecosystem compatibility updatesOmniwallet REST client improvements (for OmniPortfolio, etc) OmniPortfolio v0.1.2 due next week Dependency updatesOmniwallet balance query performance improvement Patrick Assessing a new opportunity that would bring resources to the platform