Defining Ontology Competition Results

Ontology Turns One Year Old

Last month we announced the Ontology Dictionary Entry T-Shirt Competition. Since then we’ve taken in submissions and held voting, thank you to everyone who participated in the event!

According to the competition rules, the community and the Ontology team each counted for 50% of the vote share, and entries were then ranked from highest to lowest. The Creative Award was awarded to the top three entries and the Popular Award was awarded to the top entry among purely community votes.

And the winners are…

Creative Award The future of trust and digital identity.On your feet, towards the lousy world, unchain your energy!The blockchain where trust is distributed upon. Trust no one but the code.

Each of the winners of the Creative Award won:

300 ONGSigned t-shirt x2Digital certificate (with blockchain hash) Popular Award Digital trust

The winner of the Popular Award won:

80 ONGSigned t-shirt x1Digital certificate (with blockchain hash)

Thanks again to everyone who got involved! Your continued enthusiasm, ideas, and feedback for Ontology and our goal of solving trust issues helps elevate the project. We look forward to 2019 with you.

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The Ontology Team