Waves Statement on Bitcoin Cash Network Split We will shortly be opening gateways for the fork coins BCH and BSV.

As you likely know, some time ago the Bitcoin Cash network hardforked and the ecosystem has now divided into two separate blockchains, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV).

The two networks are now distinct, and BSV has subsequently established an independent trading history and community, while BCH (also known as Bitcoin Cash ABC or BCHABC) inherits and continues the trading history of the original coin. Since it is clear that both coins will have a future and value, we will be reflecting this in our treatment of Bitcoin Cash in the Waves Client.

Balances snapshot

We will pause trading of BCH to take a snapshot of balances, after which BCH holders will receive an equal amount of BSV. Trading with then will be relaunched with the new asset. Two gateways, BCH and BSV, will be enabled, so that users can deposit and withdraw coins, and trade them on Waves DEX.

At the time of writing, we are planning to hold the snapshot for BCH balances on Friday 22 February at 00:00 Pacific Time.

Gateways will be enabled on Thursday 28 February at 23:00 Pacific Time.