Waves Ecosystem Comes To Your Browser

Waves technology is constantly developing. Now, we’re releasing a new browser extension: Waves Keeper.

The new Waves Keeper browser extension turns your browser into a keychain that enables you to sign transactions securely on third-party web resources without entering your seed or password. So now, if a Waves-integrated website or dApp requires you to sign a transaction, you can do it with just a couple of clicks, right in your browser.

Your account information is encrypted and stored locally on your computer. It will never be accessed outside the extension and cannot be stolen. You can also add multiple wallets and switch between them easily. If you ever forget the password to your account, you’ll be able to restore it with your SEED phrase, just like the regular Client.

The extension will be particularly useful to developers who want to embed Waves functionality in their projects, because it supports the Auth and Payment APIs. For testing purposes you can switch between using it on MainNet and TestNet.

This is the first version of the browser extension, which currently works only in Google Chrome. In forthcoming releases we are planning to extend its functionality and develop a cross-browser solution, available for all popular browsers.

We will soon add Waves Keeper to the Chrome Web Store, making it available to everyone. For now, this product is available only to the Waves community. We have started a new thread on our forum, where you can find the extension for testing. Please feel free to join in the discussion and share your opinions. These are vital to us as we hone our software, and we very much appreciate early adopters who can provide us with valuable feedback.