Ronnie Mason, the CEO & Founder of OREN Project Ltd. 

I would like to inform you that the ban on USA and Singapore has been lifted after talking with our legal advisor team. Netherlands' law have no objections regarding ICOs. So, if you have not participated in the Presale due to this ban please feel free to join now. Here is something you might miss out on if you wait for the ICO instead: Click here to view the tweetI would like to let you know that OREN FUNDs will not be available for distribution after the presale.  I am also happy to inform you that our partnership with Ubisoft has been confirmed. An event has been set on 22nd November 2017 for signup ceremony in Dusseldorf, Germany. We would like to invite all the Presale participants to join us. An invitation card will be sent to you within a few weeks. If you have any questions regarding pricing/technical details/legal details or anything regarding OREN Platform, please directly reply to this email. I will respond to your questions myself.  Thank You. 

Join Pre sale:https://orenplatform.com/#toke...