Papyrus Technical RoundupĀ #7

During the last few recent weeks our team has been actively developing ourthe product and is almost ready to launch the first real ad purchase through the Papyrus ecosystem.

We are now testing and improving the beta version of the Papyrus node. The Papyrus node is a set of components developed by our team that is responsible for interacting with the blockchain and providing a gRPC API. All existing software vendors such as DSP, SSP and auditors can interact with ecosystem through this API. In the development of the Papyrus node, our team was able to solve the very difficult issues of highload and scaling.

One of the important tasks solved by the Papyrus node is storing, retrieving, and exchanging data. We have already implemented a local file protocol and begin to test the interaction via IPFS.

A great use of the Papyrus node is in performing validation and the formation of the Papyrus blockchain blocks. Any participant in the chain, including the advertiser and the publisher, can setup the Papyrus node in order to validate the data.

It is with great pride I can say that our team has developed a whole framework for processing blocks that can be used even outside the advertising ecosystem.

In the near future we plan to open the source code of the Papyrus node and provide instructions for deployment on any server.

In order to show the capabilities of Papyrus, we made a small demonstration DSP, which allows you to purchase traffic through the Papyrus ecosystem.

In this DSP you can already create advertising campaigns. To check the correctness of DSP campaign statistics you can in separate amazing software called Papyrus scanner, which we will release in the very soon. The Papyrus scanner is a kind of Etherscanner for the Papyrus blockchain that will allow any member of the ecosystem to check its purchase chains.

Recently we have been actively working on the SSP Gateway, which will allow purchasing inventory from publishers that are not yet fully integrated into the Papyrus ecosystem. We have achieved a lot of success so far, taking into account the support of several RTB protocols.

We are getting very close to the launch of advertising sales through Papyrus!