PAPYRUS ROADMAP Story of changing project

Papyrus is the world’s first scalable blockchain protocol for digital advertising specifically designed to fight all issues of the industry — fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive middleman cuts, and absence of supply chain transparency. Papyrus has feasible solution for practical adoption: low transaction costs, privacy management, execution of smart contracts based on large volume of data. No other project has a scalable blockchain solution for smart contracts execution on top of large data arrays, while Papyrus developed such solution and is applying it to digital ads market. Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within the Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within the digital advertising market. On March 2018 Papyrus has launched its MVP, 2018 Q2 starts pilot projects and integrations on advertising market. The platform is a game changer and will enable the industry to go through its next inflection point towards trust and transparency.

The potential market for the Papyrus blockchain solution is enormous. It can be applied to different industries: financial market, Big data analytics, Internet of Things market and others. Look throw the story of changing project.

2017 Q1

◆ Papyrus project ideated, R&D team assembled, Research started

2017 Q2

◆ First iteration of R&D completed ◆ Original White Paper published ◆ Development of Ethereum-based prototype started

2017 Q3

◆ Advisory board formed with strategic business leaders: Jeremy Levitan, Global Advertising Performance at Twitter, Tim Brown, Global Agency Strategy at SAP

◆ First partners joined Papyrus initiative:AirPushFraudScoreBancorBitClave,Wings

◆ Papyrus joined IAB Tech Lab to develop advertising industry standards and best practices

2017 Q4

◆ Papyrus prototype deployed in Ethereum MainNet and tested ◆ New iteration of R&D devoted to Papyrus solution scalability and privacy management started

◆Token Sale Round 1. Successfully raised $1,500,000* (according to crypto market prices as of February 2018)

2018 Q1

◆ Papyrus blockchain architecture designed

◆ Papyrus MVP release with channel layer implemented and working on top of Ethereum testnet: Advertiser Account, Publisher Account

◆ Channel layer performance tests

◆ Technical White Paper published

◆ New partners joined Papyrus: IAge EngineeringCrimtanGetIntent

◆Token Sale Round 2

2018 Q2

◆ Launch of Papyrus MVP with channel layer working on top of Ethereum MainNet

◆ Launch of first pilot projects with live ad campaigns and payments settlement in PPR tokens

◆ Development of Papyrus blockchain layer with cost-efficient dPoS consensus and interoperability with other blockchain networks

◆ Initial release of Papyrus Explorer: supply chain dashboard for publishers and advertisers

◆ Partnership programs for the digital advertising market, new partnerships and pilot projects

2018 Q3

◆ Testing of the Papyrus blockchain layer implementation, development of privacy management features

◆ Launch of the Papyrus testnet and Papyrus Wallet

◆ Setup of a service company that helps market participants to integrate with Papyrus

◆ Find and support several initiatives on building powerful data-centric decentralized applications on top of Papyrus

2018 Q4

◆ Launch of Papyrus blockchain network, supporting both big data smart contracts and privacy management while keeping transaction costs low

◆ Flow of integrations with ad platforms and verification vendors

2019 H1

◆ Growing adoption of Papyrus within the digital advertising market

◆ Improvements in Papyrus products: blockchain network capabilities, Papyrus Explorer, Papyrus Wallet, integration tools and ad campaign management smart contract templates

◆ Scaling Papyrus open source development community

◆ Updated future roadmap

◆Token Sale Round 3

Pool of 150,000,000 PPR tokens is used for deals with strategic partners, creating significant impact on Papyrus ecosystem growth and establishing better decentralization

2019 H2

◆ Papyrus goes beyond the digital ad market