Patientory (PTOY) how it work. 


Николай Волков (Nikolay Volkov)
today I will try to briefly talk about the already sensational start-up Patientory: Network of storing electronic medical records in Blockchain, and explaining how it works (will work for you). Link to the official website: — it is blockchain-platform, based on the distribution of electronic computation and storage of medical records. Health facilities can protect personal health information, lease computing power, servers and data centers and its unused resources through a unique private infrastructure in Ethereum blockchain. From platform, smart contracts can be performed depending on cycle of continuous patient care. Or more simply words unique program in its kind. Which can integrate such useful qualities as: data processing mobility, timely informing patient and doctor about status of health card and of course the confidentiality of data. At the moment there are already electronic medical cards, but their downside is that they require constant additions by a doctor who spends his working time filling out the card, instead of spending that time with the patient. Simply distracting from the original task of treating the patient (advise) and turning into typewriter mode. In addition, the use of electronic health card led to the storage of medical information, which has a detrimental effect on the economic side. Patientory will significantly reduce costs and simplify the processing of data, make transparent all operations conducted by medical institutions. Provides an easy-to-use patient portal that can contact health care providers, schedule appointments, and review treatment plans. This platform is designed for tasks such as electronic confidentiality and health information, identifying security threats to protect against disclosure, Patientory uses blockchain technologies, thereby helping the Health ecosystem to reduce violations of data corruption. Unlike electronic medical records that are vulnerable to hacking, blockchain technology can use a more secure, permanent record of information online. And one more indisputable fact in the direction of Patientory against electronic medical card is that the platform on blockchain will be able to work in any country. At that time as the emc already blocked in Ukraine because it was developed on the basis of 1C, which in turn was banned on the territory of the country. As for Patientory, this blockchain platform as well as all the rest platforms of road maps actively take root in all corners of the planet. This is evidenced by the successful cooperation with one of the largest public health organizations of the United States of America, Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente’s track record includes more than 11.3 million patients who will move to a new level of medical care this year, after the launch of the Patientory platform. As for the popularity of this project on the market, the association of medical equipment promotion SEMDA named Patientory “most highly invested company” this year.

For 40 years the company has been working in the field of healthcare and is working to achieve the highest achievements, thereby gaining international recognition and a colossal development in this field. The team has a broad advisory board that covers not only health care but also business expertise that successfully manifests itself in the market shares in companies such as Blackberry. And since September 2016 the team has joined the developers of blockchain, specialists in public relations, market and business. That, in turn, will positively affect the development of company.

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