Q1: what is Peerbanks assets?

A: PeerBanks IRA and PBK are assets created in Waves platform, which offers IRA companies an invaluable tool, where companies or institutions that operate retirement funds for IRA-ROTH investment,  they can obtain in our platform which  include the virtual currencies, as a good as the different investment products currently offered by IRAs such as investment in Gold, Diamonds etc., as well as  these items, you can now include PeerBanks assets, as a meaning of exchange among other assets or tokens based on Waves Dex Platform, PeerBanks IRA and PBK will be the official assets for the exchange within this platform.


The advantage of why we select Waves Platform is because it contains open codes, that will facilitate us to exchange between Eth, Bitcoin and the assets within the Waves,  with the assurance that more important currencies will be included in the not too distant future, all this in an easy and viable way. Our Platform will be able to help the IRA Companies, to make the exchange and transfers to others clients in their current currency monthly, it’s easy when everybody can acquire their Ira-Roth plan with PeerBanks assets through our platform, all under the regulations of the country, which has previous authorized the operation of Bitcoin.


It is known that IRA companies have all the permits to operate within its country since they authorized institutions to offer these services, in fact many IRA Companies today offer ETH and BTC, but now they will have the advantage with PeerBanks Platform To easily convert your ETH and BTC to PeerBanks assets to be able to handle with more easy terms of their monthly disbursements to the customers.

 Q2. We promise 200,000 % in 5 to 10 years. This equivalent to about 360% annual growth in value on compounded basis how this value is generated? What are key drivers of growth in value ?

A: There are several factors on which we have based ourselves to consider this increase. our projection based on the millions of IRA accounts globally and that some how will use PeerBanks platform, something other crypto coins do not have and even so their value increases in the day to day.

Factors. PeerBanks has in its project a certain exclusivity since our Platform we estimate will be of great utility and benefit to the IRA administrators for the kindness that it will provide in its function integrating the virtual currencies as an asset to offer its clients.Only one million PeerBanks IRA emissions exist and will prevailCurrent selling price $ 100 which will put PeerBanks ahead of Bitcoin on its output remember that bitcoin went to the market at a price of 0.02 cents and an issue of 21 million and today you can see the value of it in the market do not want to compare us to Bitcoin but there are other assets such as that has a total supply of 21 million and its price is over $1,300 and are not based on a global utility platform, you must also understand that our target market moves trillions of dollars a year is why we can say that PeerBanks has the possibility of rising at prices unimaginable by us at this time as never imagine that bitcoin got to where it is.To achieve this, the PeerBanks IRA sold or distributed will be placed on the market. The non-distributed IRA PeerBanks will be reserved and phased for the exclusive use of our platform for the Individual IRA Retirement account at a fixed price of $ 500 with intentional increases in 30% monthly in its original price this will make its value increase through the years.

Q3. Is the peer banks a legal entity? Which jurisdictions is being registered and operating from ?

A: Of course we are a corporation created under the laws and jurisdiction of the United States in the state of Florida and we have been operating since July 2017, in the first instance it was opened by Carlos Nanita who resides in the United States and is the person authorized by us to create it there..

Q4. Is Peerbanks IRA a security? Do we have a legal team to guide us through the SEC requirement?

A: At the moment we are receiving the services and advice of a team of lawyers for the purposes of complying with the requirements of the SEC.

Q5: So that means all future retirement accounts will be handles in Peerbanks assets?

A: That's right, We are working really hard so that Peerbanks assets be value by administrators of pension funds, I feel like I have the need to used it in the future as an option of investment for their customers.


Q6: What is the vision of the Project and its founders?

A: We can really affirm that more than a vision, we see PeerBanks assets as a reality and a prevailing need, in the world of cryptocurrencies PeerBanks IRA and PBK has come as a support for all virtual currencies as their growth potential will be swept away by this wonderful Tool that will be used by many IRA companies.


Q7: Can you brief us about your core team?

A:  Carlos Nanita: Investment Advisor in crypto currencies, has works with IRA industry, additional have a post grade on marketing business at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, developer android app and website. He was the one that integrated the team, in addition to the manager of the part of social network of PeerBanks Corporation.

·      Patrick A. Dunnewolt: Head Benelux Region at PIMCO coming from Erasmus University Rotterdam, He is the master of the Idea for the integration of the IRA companies with PeerBanks assets.

·   Matt Mitchell: Cryptocurrency Specialist, coming from the University of Huddersfield Norwich, It is the person who developed the great idea, on how the PeerBanks Platform works, to be able to interchange among the assets that are inside the Platform Waves Dex, PeerBanks will operate like a private exchange Platform.

·  Tetsuhiro Ueda: Working as a business consultant, he was invited to the team for his interest in connecting PeerBanks assets with the IRA companies in Japan and neighboring countries, in charge of seeking investors and IRA Companies for the PeerBanks project in the second stage of crowd Sales.


·      Behind us: We are recruiting staff to train them in order to support the platform when it is finished. We are open to receive developers, so that they contribute with their knowledge for a fast development of PeerBanks Platform worldwide.


Q5: Why are you doing an ICO?

A: Because our project is a large scale, it’s operating globally and we need funds to carry out the project, right now we are hire remote support staff, that will help to IRA companies in all parts of the world, in different languages and how to install and operate our PeerBanks platform.


Q6: Can you tell us more about Peerbanks assets USB wallet?

A: USB PeerBanks assets, is an additional product that will raise funds,  will be offered by the IRA Companies, to the customers who wish to receive their monthly payments in PeerBanks assets, can store them safely.


Q7: Do you offer any benefits for the early investors?

A: Of course we are offering 10% of the total amount received, to all the investors in our Crowd Sales until September 12th.


Q8: What is special about the PeerBanks assets?

A: We want to move payment systems and crowdfunding onto the blockchain. There will be fiat assets like USD/EUR/CNY in your wallet and an integrated crowdfunding, so it can function like a decentralized Kickstarter. The end-user client is very lightweight, so there is no need to download the blockchain – you just install it from the Chrome store.


Q9: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project?

A: Our company saw the opportunity about the service offered by IRA's Company to his customers in relation to the pension account, PeerBanks Corporation coming to supply a Platform with the objective create an integration with the virtual currencies, tokens and assets and IRA's Accounts to benefits all assets on waves platform and other virtual currencies.


Q10: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

A: Our solution is an open source platform that will be hosted at Github, so that the IRA Companies can integrate our PeerBanks assets as a pension plan for clients, additionally PeerBanks will be used as an exchange pattern with all other assets Created and authorized by waves platform including the latest Waves and other cryptocurrencies, they can be exchanged within our platform by PeerBanks and they can exchange it to the local currency of the country where the IRA Company operates.


Q11: How do you think competition will develop following your ICO?

A: We think that being the first in this moment, will incentive many other virtual currencies to adopt their own platform or join our own to implement this wonderful service.


Q12: What are you planning to do with the proceeds of your ICO, and why?

A: All funds will go to an escrow account to strengthen the value of each PeerBanks, only 2% of all proceeds will be in the form of Bounty one part for the developments to develop the project, conferences, other travels to support the expenses of The company, another for promotion and publicity, for the support provided in all social networks, translations and to be distributed among crowdfunding participants.


Q13: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about investing in your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to invest in your project?

A: We can affirm that they are honest and really committed company, established under the laws of the United States, with all the legal rights. That they are invited to be part of this mega project since they will be the pioneers and therefore they will benefit greatly with the acquisition of PeerBanks assets, the only and first digital currency directed to a sector that moves billions of dollars annually.


Q14: When do you plan to launch your IRA ICO?

A: First Crowd Sales July 18th to September 22nd

Second Crowd Sales September 22nd to October 15th

Platform will be finish at December 2017


Q15:  Will you have PeerBanks IRA ICO sales? yes

A: PeerBanks IRA Distribution to participants of 690k: Fist Crowd Sales: $100 to $150 each one IRA for the people

Distribution to IRA's company of 300k PeerBanks IRA: Second Crowd Sales $1000 each one PeerBanks IRA only for the IRA's Company Investment.

B: PeerBanks PBK Distribution to participants of 19,9 Million: Pre-ICO: $0.50 Crowd sales : $1.00


Q16:  How much are you expecting to raise?

A: USD$108,000,000 between IRA's Company and People


Q17: Can you summarise PeerBanks in a sentence?

A: Platform of cryptocurrencies with emphasis on the exchange between different assets and currencies, with decentralized transfers and trade, with deep fiat integration and focus on community projects backed by IRA companies.

Q18: Is there a white paper?

A: Yes, there have one with an overview. It is a technical document published this year on the levels of the PeerBanks project and the implementation of an integration with the IRA system Companies.


Q19: What is PeerBanks’ USP over Kickstarter?

A: PeerBanks assest are a coloured coins blockchain on Waves Platform with an integrated decentralised exchange. Our unique selling point compared to Kickstarter is the ability to exit your pledge. If you pledge funds on Kickstarter you have to wait for the product to launch – you can’t transfer your stake to another user. Also, you can start a campaign much faster on PeerBanks assets than on Kickstarter, because there are no moderators to approve your campaign. Fees are much lower too – essentially zero compared to Kickstarter’s fees.

ICO and timeline

Q21: When will users be able to stake with their PeerBanks assets?

A: The lite client will be available now, Users can trade ICO tokens on exchanges waves Dex, after July 18th 2017 send and receive PeerBanks IRA and PBK assets.


Q22: Do you have a rough timeline for development?

A: There is a strong emphasis on fast development. Full launch will be in August 2017.


Q23: How do token holders gain a return on their investment?

A: PeerBanks assets will be the fuel for everything in the platform. There will be options to pay these fees with other currencies, but in the background everything will be done with PeerBanks assets. This includes transfers, issuing and trading assets the return on their investment coming with the low quantity in the market only 1 million PeerBanks IRA and 20 Million of PeerBanks PBK


PeerBanks platform and technology


Q23: What is the total number of PeerBanks IRA and PBK coins?

A: Issuance of one (1) million PeerBanks IRA and 20 Million PeerBanks PBK.


Q24: How long will transactions take?

A: In mainnet initially between 10 and 30 seconds. After the initial phase there will be a fork, after which the transactions time will lie in the 1 second range. We don’t want to do this at launch – the first priorities are for custom tokens and decentralized trading. For faster transactions a new form of PoS will be implemented, LPoS, where lite nodes choose a full node to lease their balance to. They will still receive staking rewards, but the transactions become much faster due to the fact that only full nodes process them.

Q25: What security do PeerBanks assets accounts have? Passphrase? 2FA?

A: The Waves lite client will be secured by a password at launch, with 2FA added later.