A signature campaing is now live for PokeChain [POKE]. You can earn some POKE just following these steps:

1) Put this code into your profile signature (Click on "Profile" then "Forum Profile Information" on the left bar menu)


[center][size=24pt] [url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1568284.0]✪ PokéChain - PokemonGO trading & BaaS | Come Join us today! ✪[/url][/size]
(Better signature for higher rank members coming soon)

2) Make at least 15 posts per week in the following forum sections:

- Altcoin Announcements

- Altcoin Discussions

- Altcoins Marketplace

- Gambling

- Marketplace (general)

- Beginners & Help


Receive your reward when PokeChain is launched. Reward is 1000 POKE

every 15 posts each week. (max posts per week 15, more posts will not

count for the weekly payout.)
Remember that you will get your reward

only if you post in the listed forum's sections. We reserve the right of

admission to Sig Campaing (neg trust account could be rejected based on

our decisions)