LBRY CREDITS (LBC) Final Release Wallet v0.20.3


blob_list raising an error when blobs in a stream haven't yet been created (8a0d0b4)

stopping a download potentially raising an attribute error (#1269)

file manager startup locking up when there are many files for some channels (#1281)

improper sorting when getting the closest peers to a hash (#1282)


raised the default peer_search_timeout setting from 3 to 30 and added logging for when it happens (#1283)

change iterative find stop condition on find value to allow it to continue until a value is found or it times out (#1283)

include all of our own blobs in the local dht datastore (as if we had announced them to ourselves) (#1280)

ignore dht store token validation errors for the first expiration-time after startup (fixes failed store requests after a restart) (#1280)


jsonrpclib as a requirement for the project (#1274)