LBRY CREDITS (LBC) Pre Release Wallet v0.30.0rc7[0.30.0] - 2018-10-17

This release is the most ambitious upgrade to lbrynet yet; including a brand new wallet implementation, switch to Python 3 of the entire code base and many changes to the API such as pagination and a more consistent output from most commands.

Security upgraded cryptography package.switch to coincurve for private / public key generation (addresses)support for connecting to daemon via SSLimproved workflow for encrypt/decrypt of wallet API unified all command line executables into a single lbrynet executable.added use_https configuration setting (off by default), if true the api server will generate a self signed ssl certificate when started and only handle api requests on the https address (default of https://localhost:5279/lbryapi)deprecated daemon_stop command, use stop instead.deprecated wallet_balance command, use account_balance instead.deprecated wallet_unlock command, use account_unlock instead.deprecated wallet_decrypt command, use account_decrypt instead.deprecated wallet_encrypt command, use account_encrypt instead.deprecated wallet_prefill_addresses command, use account_fund instead.deprecated wallet_list command, use address_list instead.deprecated wallet_is_address_mine command, use address_is_mine instead.deprecated wallet_public_key command.deprecated wallet_new_address command.deprecated wallet_unused_address command, use address_unused instead.deprecated claim_renew command.added account_list command to list accounts including their balance.added account_add command to add a previously created account from seed or private key.added account_create command to generate a new account.added account_remove command to remove an account from wallet.added account_set command to change a setting on an account.added account_balance command to get just the account balance.added account_unlock command to unlock an encrypted account.added account_lock command to lock an encrypted account.added account_encrypt command to encrypt an account.added account_decrypt command to decrypt an account.added account_fund command to move funds between or within an account in various ways.added account_max_address_gap command to find large gaps of unused addresses.added address_list command to list addresses.added address_is_mine command to check if an address is one of your addresses.added address_unused command to get existing or generate a new unused address.added pagination support for address_list, channel_list, claim_list_mine, transaction_list and utxo_list.removed send_amount_to_address command previously marked as deprecatedremoved channel_list_mine command previously marked as deprecatedremoved get_availability command previously marked as deprecated Wallet changed to a new wallet implementation: torba.changed wallet file format to support multiple accounts in one wallet.moved transaction data from wallet file into an sqlite database.changed channel certificates to be keyed by txid:nout instead of claim_id which makes it possible to recover old certificates. File Manager Extensive internal changes as a result of porting to Python 3. DHT Extensive internal changes as a result of porting to Python 3. P2P Extensive internal changes as a result of porting to Python 3. Reflector No major changes to reflector. Database No changes to existing storage module. Known Issues Channel certificate import/export is currently not working.Source Code: