[weBloc TGE] To Add “weBloc Token” with ICONex(mobile)

Dear. supporters

Team weBloc sincerely appreciates that you participated in the 1st stage of pre-TGE.

Thank you for your support, Team weBloc can concentrate on developing all services and advertisements with weBloc’s vision and principles: “Participation”, “Reward”, “Expansion”.

As all, who already participated in weBloc’s TGE, you can contribute only with ICONex wallet.

Today, we are going to inform you of how to add WOK token in ICONex ICON walle. You would need to “add weBloc token” to check whether you swap ICX over WOK correctly. Please follow the steps. Attached images will help you understand.

First, run the ICONex wallet application on your mobile phone.

Click on [right arrow]Click on the second menu, [Manage Token]Click on [Add Token] button

4. Enter(copy and paste) the address of weBloc project(WOK token address) in the Address box. Project address(WOK token address) : cx921205acb7c51e16d5b7cbc37539a4357d929d20

5. If you enter the address,

6. The remaining information of weBloc token(Token Name, Token Symbol, Number of Decimals) is automatically populated.

7. Click on [Add] button

8. You can check “weBloc” token is added of the first screen image when you run the application

If you participated in TGE, you can check the amount of WOK, you swapped ICX over except for bonus, is added. The bonus will be distributed after 60 days after the official listing.

If you want to check your bonus balance in advance, please check out MyPage of our Website.

Thank you for your participation. Team weBloc do its best to create the healthy digital marketing ecosystem with our supporters.

Best, Team weBloc.

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