Q: What is going on with current assets on the NXT?

A: As you know i have launched several assets on NXT platform, Coinomat, NEXT, Cryptofund, some other assets, so as soon as we have tokens running we will be transferring these assets to Waves platform. It is going to be interesting because we can test how it works with our own assets, wipe out all the bugs and stuff like that, so all going to be moved from NXT chain to the Waves chain as promised.

Q: What is the team dynamics? Do you take breaks and have fun? ping pong, pool table, football, going to movies?

A: Actually, we didn`t have some kind of party yet, we will have this i think next week because it is time, you may not believe me but it is true we didn`t have a party yet. The spirit is good, it is all good here actually.

Q: Basically, how is a working day like at Waves physical location?

A: People come here around 10 AM and we go home around 9 PM, i am here every day too and many people make just a mix from home. It is not strict, i hate this thing when you have to have some very strict schedule when you have to be there at 9 AM, when you come late you have to pay fine and stuff like that. It is just a meeting point for all the coders and they can code from home, it is not a problem because we have also many freelancers, our designer Carlos is working like from very far from here, also frontend developer Tobias is living in Germany, so it is like you don`t have to be in the office to be coding, you can still interact with people remotely.

Q: You said that matching system will be on full node, in the asset specification it says it is centralized, what is it?

A: As i have told you yes it is centralized exchange that is connected to Waves network and just matches bids and asks, just matching orders and it can settle all the trades on the blockchain. It doesn`t hold the assets, it is different with Bitcoin because you have to accept Bitcoin and issue an asset corresponding to the Bitcoin you accept. So you have to store it somewhere but it can also be made much more securely in this case, so it is centralized matching with decentralized settlement.

Q: You said that there will be 100 full nodes, will Waves team be running any of these nodes?

A: Naturally, we have to see how it works for ourselves.

Q: Will any of the delegates be voted by Waves team?

A: You vote will your balance, so if you have money you vote with your money, you can`t cast a vote just like that, you have to have some balance but you don`t to mine/forge, you just want to lease your balance to professional servers, so it can stay up 24/7 and share profits with you. You just send your “balance” to that node, at the same time you have full control over your real balance. You can send payments, you can do whatever you want. It is just forging/mining power that is transferred to a mining/forging node.

Q: Is voting for delegates 1:1 or i can vote for the delegates with the same weight?

A: You can lease your balance to as many nodes as you wish.

Q: Do you have plans to work with SuperNET?

A: With James yes, i think we can have something working together. James is a great guy, i like his vision and i think we will have something further down the road that we can do together.

Q: Do you have already some ventures in the pipeline to crowdfund on Waves?

A: Yes we have like 10–20 projects who approached us, i can`t mention them, very different products. We have two projects for example from Australia, several projects from Russia, pretty serious ones. You will see for yourselves soon.

Q: What are the future plans for Waves marketing promotion?

A: As soon as we have the tech ready we are going to be promoting the hell out of it. I think the most of the funds we will be spending will be spent on marketing. You can really develop the code for not so much money but to market a thing you need to spend a lot. We will have a major media campaign as soon as we have tokens and we will be targeting startups, all the businesses that could raise funds through crowdfunding, all the crowdfunding communities, so it is going to be big because our marketing team is actually waiting for this moment when they can start promoting.

Q: All projects can have delays but i think Waves delayed much more that you have said, what do you think about delays, is there any plan to cut delays?

A: We might be delayed by a week or two, but we are on track, it is all going to be there, you can`t really predict 100% correct how the development will be unfolding, so if you look deep into detail you can see some problems and issues but in the bigger picture we have absolutely no issues, we are on track, we don`t delay anything. Please don`t create any drama, there shouldn`t be any. We are moving quite fast and we are implementing new ideas, for example we wanted to realize the exchange thing differently in the beginning, i had an idea to do it like NXT when you have all trading directly on blockchain but then we realized it is not the way to go, we just made a pivot and we are creating something very interesting, something that we really didn`t plan to do but that can become a game changer. We come up with new ideas every day, so i like the way we are developing and we are moving forward, so please don`t create so much drama.

Q: What steps in the team have been taken for marketing advertising and do you have plans to attempt Bitcoin meetups and conventions to gather more interest from the Bitcoin community?

A: Absolutely i went to very nice conference in Odessa in July, we met with Charles Hoskinson there and with other nice people, probably i will go to China in September. I am waiting for the tech to be ready to be able to promote it better. Now I am focused on the technology, because there is time to focus on promotion and there is time to focus on tech.

Q: Will Waves and IOHK be funding the Scorex foundation 50/50?

A: The idea is that we fund it together. It is separate entity because Scorex team is researchers team who don`t want to do production systems. They want to do research and we have to respect that. So it is going to be separate entity and it will be funded by IOHK, Waves and maybe some other groups who are interested in using the code.

Q: When wallet can be protected by 2FA?

A: It will be, you can`t create 2FA system easily on the blockchain, it is tricky because you have to have some randomness on blockchain and actually there is none, so you have to find a source for randomness on blockchain. There are some ways, @Hawky suggested one but there are some backdoors because it is quite complicated, you would have to create new 2FA token after each transaction, so it is quite tricky.

Q: Is there any chance that full nodes won`t be released next week, because of the network issues on Scala?

A: There is some small delay but testnet will be live next week, you will be able to test, at the same time we will finish the custom tokens and we will launch full nodes together with tokens, i think it is going to be even better. We will have tokens functionality and people will be able to issue, run their crowdfunding campaigns soon after we have full nodes.

Q: You have said that you are talking with a bank for a new platform based on Waves platform?

A: It is not European, not Russian, it is central Asian bank, some country in Asia that is interested. The banking people i am talking to are talking directly to central banks there, so they have top tier connections. Country is probably not so big but it is good beginning in any case. In Russia, it is trickier because everything in Russia is quite tricky. They are not going to ban Bitcoin, probably we will be working with some Russian banks too. It is easier to implement certain things outside the Russia.

Q: Is there any plan to expand the market to Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. Do you have any contact?

A: Yes i have been approached by many people from Latin America for example, so it is just matter of time, matter of focus, so as soon we have major currencies like EUR, USD we will be working with smaller currencies, they are also very important. You can have very great use case of your technology in some smaller country, like some demo, next you can show it to everybody. The same this banking group that is going to implement Waves platform in Asian country, so you can show it to people that it is working there, can scale and can work anywhere.

Q: Why did you put up a 200 Bitcoin buy wall and why did you remove it?

A: When did it happen actually? Please elaborate on that, because i put a wall after the ICO and i bought more than 2 million Waves back and i am happy about it, i would buy more.

Q: Do you like vodka?

A: I don`t drink much guys, i can drink socially but that`s all, i don`t really drink much. Trying to having healthy lifestyle more or less.

Q: Has Waves foundation been registered in Germany yet ? I remember that was a thing.

A: Yes we are in process and actually i decided to diversify a bit, so we will have also other local foundations and i will be registering UK one next week. Process will be faster than in Germany, Germany is taking us a little bit too long. In the end, we will have German one and UK one, and probably Asian one in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Q: Assets and gateways issuance is coming by the end of September?

A: We will have assets next week i think, all the necessary tech stuff, like preliminary tech stuff that has to be done, has already been done, so we will have to create frontend for this. So we will have asset creation on testnet next week i think, so it is faster than the September.

So guys i am very deep into this, i can sometimes be little bit more optimistic than what actually happens but please bear with me. I am doing my best to make it work, i hope you will understand. Thank you guys. Probably next week we will have radio show with CORE team, with Lootz and week after that we can have another Q&A session if you like. It has been my pleasure, i hope you liked it. See you guys later.