Augur App v1.8.3 ReleaseAugur App 1.8.3 Another patch release, packed full of fixes and some cool new features!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The community provided mainnet node has been removed as the default since it is not currently functional. Users will need to connect to a full node locally or find a trusted full node that is hosted by a third party. We are actively pursuing better alternatives.

Local Light Node has been made the default, but it is still experimental and should be used only after a full sync.

☕️Add support for 0x Instant📡Added block processing information to the UI🍱Misc UI updates to help users not create multiple transactions🏹New Ledger/Trezor convenience, scan multiple derivation paths to find addresses with balance📲Fix some mobile styling issues📈 Fixed categorical market chart hover to have more precision📉New Performance Chart look on portfolio page

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