Augur Weekly Development Update — June 20th

With just about two and a half weeks until deployment, the team is working on testing and hardening all pieces of Augur — the UI, Augur Node, Augur App, and deployment of the core contracts.

For users who wish to use Augur on the main network after deployment, they’ll need to download and run Augur App. Augur App will run Augur Node and the UI automatically for you on your machine. You will just need to point it to an active main net Ethereum node (Infura, QuickNode, local, etc).

The backend team is researching all available scaling solutions for future updates to Augur, something the team plans to publish content about after deployment.

The Augur community channels seem to be picking up in user activity. Come join us to participate in the discussions leading to launch.

A reminder to all Ether/ForkDelta, IDEX, and OasisDEX users — withdraw your REP from the exchange contract prior to July 9th @ 11:01AM PT in order to successfully receive new REP tokens in the migration.

If you do not have REP in a decentralized exchange contract —there is nothing you need to do for deployment and the migration.

Come chat with us in Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest updates. Track our development progress on Github or in the #dev channel of Discord.

The bounty program is rolling and accepting all submissions. Test out the UI at on Rinkeby, take a look at our Github, and let us know your feedback!

Updated Repositories:

augur-core — Augur back-end (Ethereum contracts)
augur |
augur.js — Augur JavaScript
augur-node — Public Augur node for serving market
docs — Augur
whitepaper — The Augur Project


The Augur Team