Rise Mainnet - Upcoming Launch Overview

The new Rise mainnet is estimated to go live tentatively within the next few weeks, so it’s time to go over a quick list of things that are planned for this launch so far. More details for each listed item will follow as we’re drawing nearer to the time of launch.

The launch facilitates the transition Rise is making from Lisk to Ark code base.It includes a coin swap via BittrexMost coins forged by Rise Team will be burned, which will help Rise value.Public Delegates will take over forging of Rise to secure the blockchain and earn rewards.Public Delegates get a fresh start with year-1 interest rates (see OP for full reward schedule)Release of a full-featured Rise desktop wallet for Windows, Linux and MacOSNew Block ExplorerRise PoolNew main Rise website (now in final stages of development)Rise Forum (NodeBB based) upgrade