RISE Newsletter — August 2018 - Technology Developments, Monthly Statistics & More

Hello RISE Community,

In this newsletter, we will give a roundup of what RISE has been up to in the month of August. To start off, we have a great new video explaining RISE technology and the future we are aiming to build. Please feel free to comment, like and share to help us expand the community.

The Future on RISE — Video in collaboration with Darkroom Ltd. Technology Developments Earlier in August, we announced that RISE Core 1.1.1 released to mainnet. This latest release came with significant enhancements to security, data integrity and a transaction throughput of 1000 TPS. This new release is available for download here with instructions on how to update your RISE node. For those interested to read a very detailed update on the new updates and how these were achieved you can read the RISE Core 1.1.1 — Technical Overview here. RISE 1.1.1 required 278 commits, 265 file changes, more than 23,000 lines added along with 11,000 removed. You can see the full changelog here.
Node operators and Delegates should update their nodes as soon as possible following all releases and updates.
This news was picked up by CryptoNinjas and can be read in this article: ‘RISE v1.1.1 of DPOS blockchain technology makes significant advancements’. In August, we released an update on how the new RISE wallets are going to change the sign-in flow to protect users RISE even more than before. Do you want to help us make a great wallet? You can still sign up as a tester for future testing by filling out this form. Mart and Tobias have been continuously refactoring code and refining key usability elements of the new RISE web wallet. Together, in August they pushed 134 commits to master and 138 commits to all branches. On master, 90 files have changed and there have been 7,372 additions and 2,731 deletions. August AMA

As part of our efforts to increase awareness of the RISE project and communication with the community we hosted our first Reddit AMA in August. You are able to read the August AMA on Reddit here.

RISE Monthly Statistics — August

The below chart highlights 74.74% of RISE (96,007,205) voted to elect the 101 Delegates and 2.36% of RISE (3,035,217) on 101 to 202 Delegates securing the network. 22.89% of RISE (29,406,582) is non-voting.

Total RISE Supply 128,449,004. Chart generated 2nd September 2018.

To close on this month, we thank the community for supporting RISE and we hope to give you more great news as we progress the vision of RISE. Join the RISE community:

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RISE Vision PLC (token symbol RISE) is an ecosystem for developers, offering a platform for the development of decentralised applications powered by a community driven Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.

Disclaimer: RISE is not a security, and token holders are not investors. There is no guarantee you will make any money from holding RISE tokens, and you do not own any part of RISE VISION PLC or any entity as a result of owning RISE tokens.