RISE Newsletter —  Technology Developments, RISE Web Wallet & More

Hello RISE Community,

In this newsletter, we will give a roundup of what RISE has been up to in the month of October.

Technology Developments

RISE Core version 1.2.0 featuring ProtoBuf network layer and many other improvements has been released to mainnet. Read about the release in Github here — RISE v1.2.0 — Mainnet. On the RISE node there have been 20 commits to development and 32 commits to all branches. On development, 63 files have changed and there have been 2,905 additions and 1,514 deletions.

This month Andrea and Matteo have worked on a modification of the current consensus/delegate algorithm which aims at making the vote mechanism more fair towards delegates. You are invited to read the proposal here and please feel free to share your feedback with the dev team in Slack. The two main principles are:

The vote weight of each delegate will be recalculated based on productivity. Delegates who miss multiple blocks will have their vote weight reduced progressively, depending on their productivity. For example, if vote weight is 100 and productivity is 70%, the recalculated weight will be 70. They will lose ranking and may even exit the pool of possible forgers if productivity is very low.The 101 forgers of each round will be picked from a larger “pool” of possible forgers, not only the top 101 sorted by recalculated vote weight, but from a larger subset of delegates (the size of the pool is yet to be determined) and their probability to forge is randomised but still dependent on their votes weight. Higher votes weight still means proportionally higher probability to forge, but does not give the full certainty for each round. RISE Web Wallet

During the month of October, there has been great progress on the new web wallet. The RISE wallet now has an address book and support for contacts. This month, unit tests (besides end-to-end tests) were carried out and many more small bug fixes and optimisations. The team have also been preparing for the public beta release, more details will come in the next few weeks. On the RISE Wallet repository there have been 110 commits pushed to master and 125 commits to all branches. On master, 81 files have changed and there have been 8,956 additions and 2,192 deletions.


This month RISE was integrated into IOV core repository in Github. IOV aims to provide a universal protocol for blockchains and wallet users. RISE is looking forward to being part of an interoperable ecosystem. The new version of IOV-Core — version 0.7.0 — enables cross-chain transactions with RISE. Andrea collaborated in the project by contributing a library to IOV-Core.

Community Project

One of our community members, Vergill Lemmert, has created a brand new app — the RISE browser extension! It is a notification app that allows you to follow RISE addresses in near real time. Vergill has also written a blog post to set up and customize the extension.

To close on this month, we thank the community for supporting RISE and we hope to give you more great news as we progress the vision of RISE. Join the RISE community:

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RISE Vision PLC (token symbol RISE) is an ecosystem for developers, offering a platform for the development of decentralised applications powered by a community driven Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.

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