How do I use the Bootstrap for staking Reddcoin?

Syncing a blockchain is always a time consuming and painful process.
Fortunately, with the Reddcoin Core Bootstrap, you can speed up the
syncing and staking Reddcoin process on a fresh install of the Reddcoin
Core Wallet.

Here is how it works!

1. Download bootstrap.dat.xz from 2. Extract it: – Linux: xz -d bootstrap.dat.xz – Mac: You can obtain xz from MacPorts or – Windows: install 7Zip or WinRar 3. Copy bootstrap.dat to the Reddcoin home directory, which can be found: – Linux: ~/.reddcoin – Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin – Windows (one of the following): USERNAME/%APPDATA%/Roaming/Reddcoin USERNAME/%APPDATA%/Local/Reddcoin USERNAME/%APPDATA%/Reddcoin 4. Start wallet which will automatically import blockchain from bootstrap.dat 5. After import is finished, bootstrap.dat will be renamed to bootstrap.dat.old which can be deleted to save disk space.

Stake on!

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