Rivetz to provide endpoint security for the Cognida Network Image — Rivetz

Today, Rivetz announced a new partnership, with information technology company Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform.

The open-source platform runs on top of the internet, establishing enterprise identities, permissions and security policies wherever digital assets connect to a network.

“As data and digital assets move increasingly to the cloud, enterprises are facing more and more complex security challenges, particularly when it comes to properly protecting data and securing remote digital assets. Cognida will deliver a platform where enterprises can establish secure and trusted service relationships utilizing a choice of blockchain solutions.” -Nasdaq
Image courtesy of Cognida

Rivetz brings to the partnership endpoint security from the TEE on mobile platforms, letting their customers experience secure device ‘state’ and ‘identity’ for every transaction.

“Enterprises face the daunting challenge authenticating thousands of users in a plethora of environments and granting them the appropriate access to information,” Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague said about the partnership.

Michael Hathaway, co-founder & CEO of Windmill Enterprise said, “The two companies offer enterprise customers a flexible suite of tools to more easily secure identities and administer data permissions.”

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Windmill Announces Rivetz Partnership
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