Sharpe Platform Month One Sentiment Fees: January ETH Payout totalling $105,000

At Sharpe Capital, we’re building a decentralised ecosystem to help retail traders and institutional investors better understand financial markets.

This ecosystem is driven by the Sharpe Platform, in which users receive ETH service fee payments in exchange for acting as sentiment providers, making predictions on blockchain assets and equities based on current events.

Sharpe Platform iOS dApp, earning ETH for providing market insight on our unique prediction platform

This month, our proprietary investment fund generated an 85% ROI benchmarked against USD. We allocated 40% of profit derived from the fund to distribute to users this month, totalling $105,000.

As the first month of the Sharpe Alpha being live comes to a close, ETH service fee payments are due to be issued to platform users on 13th January. SHP is available for purchase during the ICO until 5th February 2018, with the second payout slated for 13th February.

Approximately 15,000 predictions have been made on assets by over 100 registered sentiment providers on the Sharpe Platform alpha. The average payout per user equals $972, whilst the specific amount depends on the number of predictions provided (proof-of-work) and the amount of SHP held (proof-of-stake). As the one month time horizon has not elapsed for most predictions, total number of predictions were used to calculate service fees for January. Accuracy will be reflected in each user’s reputation score going forward.

The whole Sharpe team would like to take this opportunity to give an enormous thank you to our community of supporters for contributing to the Sharpe Platform, both through providing sentiment and purchasing SHP. We have had a stellar first month and look forward to continued success as we begin to scale and grow our revenue streams. Month one: By the numbers…

The table below includes some key statistics from month one:

The average service fee payment this month per SHP token staked is $0.02, reaching $0.12 for those with the highest work and stake.

This plot illustrates the distribution of service fee payments, with each dot corresponding to a user.

The following chart shows the service fee received for each user (vertical axis) based on the amount of SHP owned (horizontal axis). The variation across users with similar stakes arises from different numbers of predictions made on the platform.

SHP Owned About Sharpe Capital

Sharpe Capital is a FinTech organization building a decentralised ecosystem to help retail traders and institutional investors understand financial markets better. We crowd-source market sentiment on global equities and blockchain assets, paying service fees in Ether to users in return for their insight. Returning 85% ROI from the Sharpe proprietary investment fund, Sharpe Capital will distribute $105,000 over 108 registered sentiment providers on Saturday 13th January, averaging $972 per user. The next payment is scheduled for 13th February, and SHP tokens are available to purchase until 5th Feb. SHP ownership is required to use the Sharpe Platform. Visit Sharpe.Capital to participate today!

Supplemented with cutting edge, machine learning-driven linguistic analysis and quantitative trading strategies developed in collaboration with leading academic partners, Sharpe Capital aims to deliver best-in-class sentiment-based data-feeds, including the Global Sentiment Index, for use by investors and risk-assessors. Sharpe Capital was founded by Lewis Barber and Dr. James Butler, supported by Chief Technology Officer Israel Colomer, and a world-class team of engineers, scientists, analysts, developers and business development advisors.

The Sharpe SHP token sale is now live, allowing you to earn ETH for your sentiment toward blockchain assets and equities.

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