BETEX Platform - How to become a broker

How to become a broker

Betex platform announces the launch of its platform. The brokers have already begun to connect to the platform. The first 10 connected brokers will receive special terms.

7 out of 10 slots are available at the moment.

What is BETEX Platform?

Betex platform is a revolutionary p2p platform that allows users to place bets against each other on future changes of cryptocurrency’s price at different time intervals from 5 minutes to 1 week. The entire process is managed by a smart contract while bets are being made through SBT — a stable token with $1.00 value. All bets are stored in the blockchain so that all betting results are immutable and honest which can be proved.

Also blockchain allows the platform to use concept of a common pool of liquidity. Betex Lab connects brokers to the platform to increase this pool. Users of all brokers connected to the platform make bets in one common pool for each of the available currency pairs and time intervals. In addition, users of a particular broker may not even suspect the existence of the platform.

Once the outcome of the event becomes known (the exchange rate has grown or fallen in the selected time interval), the platform transparently divides 95% of the pool total for the given event between the winning users proportionally to their bets and holds 5% as a commission.

This 5% commission has following distribution:

2.5% is spent on dividend payouts and tokens buyback.0.3% company keeps for itself to maintain infrastructure of the platform.0.2% a reserve fund.2.0% broker’s commission. How to earn money with Betex as a broker

The main profit of the broker is commission from the volume of bets that users made into the common pool of liquidity using the broker’s website. The size of commission does not change and is set to 2% of the total volume of bets that were made by broker’s users. Only the successful rounds are taken into account.

The broker’s commission is automatically paid at the end of each round. The profit of the broker does not depend on the outcome of events but only on the volume of bets accepted from users. The more users broker has, the bigger volume of bets and profit of the broker.

A bonus program could be additional revenue source for the broker (described below in the relevant section).

What you need to become a broker Domain name.A landing page. Example — https:/ (optional).The address of the Ethereum wallet where you will be getting a broker’s commission.Insurance deposit (equivalent of $ 5,000).The contact information of person responsible for running of broker’s website.

Afterwards Betex Lab makes setup of the platform on your domain within 7 days and you can start operation! The initial configuration and further support of the platform are also provided by our company.

Terms of use

The terms of using the platform are being regulated by the contract between the parties. The most significant conditions are the following:

Setup fee is the subject of individual agreement based on the amount of working hours needed to complete the installation;The monthly fee for using the platform is paid in advance before the beginning of the reporting month and is equivalent to $1,000. If the monthly turnover of the broker in the reporting month was over $100,000 then the subscriber’s fee is returned to the broker in full. In this case the use of the platform for the broker is free!The brokers have the right to terminate the activity on their own will but they need to warn the platform at least 30 calendar days before the expected date of termination. In this case, after completing all formal procedures, the company returns the insurance deposit within 7 days after the end of cooperation.A broker may lose insurance deposit in full or its part in case of: intentional act(s) aimed to scam users, attempt(s) of unauthorized interference into the operation of the platform, transfer of access/management of their site to third parties and other unlawful actions that could directly or indirectly harm the platform and/or its users. Also in this case the platform on broker’s site is switched off. Special conditions for the first 10 brokers

So, for the first 10 brokers:

There is no setup fee!No monthly fee for the first 1 year of operation.The insurance deposit is only $ 2,500.

There are only 7 slots available at the time of publication!

How broker can be receiving a constant discount for payments of the platform`s services

Each broker can get a 50% discount by paying for the services of the platform using BETEX tokens. The discount is not limited in time and applies to all types of payments from the broker to platform.

Bonus program for brokers

The total amount of tokens allocated for brokers` bonuses is 1,000,000 BETEX (10% of the total supply). These tokens are distributed to 2 funds.

Fund Size: 300,000 BETEX

TOP-5 brokers based on the year turnover will receive the bonus.

Prize fund for years:

2018–100,000 BETEX

2019–50,000 BETEX

2020–50,000 BETEX

2021–50,000 BETEX

2022–50,000 BETEX

Allocation according to the place:

1st place — 50>#/li###2nd place — 20>#/li###3rd place — 154th place — 10>#/li###5th place — 5>#/li###

The frequency of payment: Once a year

Validity period: 2018–2022 years

Bonus Fund for Turnover:

Fund Size: 700,000 BETEXAccrual principle: 1 BETEX for every $100 of turnoverThe frequency of payment: Once a monthValidity period: Until the last token in the fund

There are no restrictions in time.

Please feel free to send your queries and applications to [email protected]