Important Announcement for the SprintX Community New Date of phase 2 PrePre-Sale

Our priority is to our user community first, especially when it comes to running our ICO. It came to our attention earlier today that there was a vulnerability found in our Smart Contract. As a result, our Phase 2 sale which was scheduled to start today (April 23rd 2018) has been postponed until Thursday May 3rd 2018.

The following new dates for our Pre Sale and Public Sale will be as follows:

- Phase 2 Presale — Thursday May 3rd 2018 to Thursday May 17th 2018 - Public Sale — Thursday May 24th to Thursday June 21st   We believe that it is essential that we continue to adhere to a high standard of quality and security when it comes to our user community of users, investors and followers. Our goal is to be one of the most successful ICO’s out there. We have already raised $15M during our private sale and are excited about getting our Phase 2 ICO underway.    For now our priority is to ensure that our smart contract is secure and deployed so that we can kick off the next round of funding. We also believe it is imperative that we are open and transparent with you and look forward to sharing more news about the project very soon!    We thank you for your Support and continuous commitment to our team and this great project.    Good things are worth waiting for!    - The SprintX Team -