Storm - Meet the StormX Team, Democratizing the Micro-Task Market

Storm Market is driven by the clear purpose of democratizing and decentralizing the micro-task market. In so doing, Storm Market is creating opportunities for all who desire — irrespective of geographic or socio-economic circumstances — to gain the experience, expertise and skills, to empower them to attain better jobs, income, and access.

Here, StormX, Inc.’s founding executives Simon Yu (CEO), Rui Maximo (CTO), Arry Yu (COO), and Calvin Hsieh (founding CTO) discuss how they are accomplishing this vision, and address the following:

StormX, Inc.’s missionStorm Market is using the Ethereum blockchain to outperform our competitorsStormX’s previous success with Storm PlayStorm Market’s differentiation is focused on a gamified human-centric user experience

Finally, we are proud to have filmed this video in our Seattle, WA offices with the founding team members who are driven and passionate about bringing Storm Market to the world.

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Video Transcript

We live in a digital world. And in this digital world, we’re no longer limited by geographical boundaries. Companies are able to hire a UX designer from China, a developer from Brazil, and a sales person from Europe. With Storm, our mission is simple. We want to create a token that allows users to learn, from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

We are helping users monetize their time and skill by performing micro-tasks in bite sized time slots. Whether you are waiting in line for coffee or riding the train home, we make it possible for you to earn. As the world moves into lightning speed, we at StormX want to help everyone around the globe capitalize on the opportunity to become freelancers.

In today’s freelancer market, industry leaders like fiverr, Upwork, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk charge really high transaction fees; as high as 20–40%. Blockchain really allows us to significantly reduce these fees while increasing the services provided to people.

Our Storm Market is a marketplace for users to search and sign up for micro-tasks that they can perform right from their mobile devices. The user experience is engaging, making it more fun and rewarding.

We’ve been in the business of helping users earn micro-payments since 2014 with our app Storm Play, formerly known as BitMaker. Our game has awarded cryptocurrencies to over half a millions users in 187 countries.

The use of Ethereum’s blockchain allows us to deliver faster transactions at lower costs than our competitors. The users are paid almost immediately.

Our team is very excited about Storm. With the revolutionary technology behind it, it will have an enormous impact on the global job marketplace.

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