STM tokens distribution

After the end of PRE-ICO on 28th of January and after each stage of ICO campaign we are going to send STM tokens to the users’ wallets. These tokens will be available in Streamity personal account.

The users who purchase STM tokens in ETH will recieve them immediately to their personal accounts.

Please note the following:

1. STM tokens will be automatically sent to the address you’ve used to transfer ETH. You should use your personal wallet when sending ETH!

2. DO NOT transfer ETH from your exchange wallet directly! You may loose your ETH!

3. The minimal purchase is 0.1 ETH

4. You need to pre-configure your ETH wallet (for example, MyEtherWallet or any other ETH wallet) to make sure it recognizes STM tokens. Then you need to save the following STM token parameters in the wallet:

· Token Contract Address:


· Token Symbol: STM

· Decimals: 18

That’s it — your ETH-wallet is ready to work with STM tokens.

If you have any questions, our 24/7 support team is ready to answer them on Telegram.

Truly yours, the Streamity team.