SUMOKOIN (SUMO) Release GUI Wallet v0.0.2Overview

This version is to incorporate subaddresses feature (named "Ghost" addresses) to UI. 10 "ghost" addresses are always available to use while used addresses are grouped with available balances.


The new wallet binaries are not fully compatible with old wallet files. After upgraded, you should run "Rescan Blockchain" to refresh wallet and reveal all transaction history. That's highly recommended.

Exchanges may not update their wallets to the latest version so that withdrawal to subaddresses would result in errors. Please make consult supports before using subaddresses for coin withdrawal.


Full support for sending and receiving to subaddresses.Receive tab shows ghost addresses along with main address, ready to use.Various bug fixes for better wallet stability. Contributors for this release Bill AueQuang Vu Download Hashes

If you would like to verify that you have downloaded the correct file, please use the following SHA256 hashes:

Sumokoin_Wallet-v0.0.2-Linux-x64.tar.gz2 c81d9cf46453760f0964364f5eb344116935ba931f26c081f9b51d7abe8348f4

Sumokoin_Wallet-v0.0.2-MacOSX.dmg 48df9e340212abd5f2299f581c5e73c6fe9ee784bf827ee7298ea8d4b0918c21

Sumokoin_Wallet-v0.0.2-w32install.exe baa528275b558936ff3c91c8023b6d4be189931c105eeaa78aa1aedf22b32f53

Sumokoin_Wallet-v0.0.2-w64install.exe 80d5209d9e19cebe7869dc32a6295832a7a02dfd88a12e178a0a586125ba3ea5 03944d2123a602dc5ef19cc271d94b8f81eba7d4435000bb7c5ea2fee1faff73 ec752f387b4f56e4c7a3a1bf138208b3229fc9924d354c8f36f2a91fec18803e