The Tap Project, a symbol?

Symbol — “a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process” (

What does the Tap Project mean to you?

The Tap Project means something different to everyone. Depending on your social economic status, experience, position or location your view of the Tap Project may mean something different. To some the Tap Project symbols a push to a new industry standard of gaming, a universal wage and currency system, an opportunity to get paid to play, or as a developer a new revenue stream. What ever it may be, the Tap Project means something different to everyone.

What does the Tap Project mean to the team?

The Tap Project is a symbol of change and disruption into a long withstanding industry. The Tap project means all of the above and more. The Tap Project is an opportunity for many to create and change something that they believed could not, and would not change. It symbolizes the fact that hardwork, dedication and grit can change absolutely anything. The Tap Project is the evolving organism, while the Tap Coin seeks to fuel that organism with blockchain technology. The possibilities of the Tap Project are endless and the opportunities to expand are vast. A network of gamers, developers, publishers, and blockchain tech companies, seeking to push an industry standard from the complacent past decades. From the beginning, the team has been transparent, fluid and open to feedback and criticism. We may not be your average ICO token, or ethereum project but we are real and ready to jump into a blue ocean of potential.

So, what does the Tap Project mean to you?

“Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all.” — Tap Project

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